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A Great Horned Owl, etc.

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IMG_0256.JPGThis photo was taken last week about dusk. We have two great horned owls that live on the property…and this guy was surveying food opportunities from the gourd trellis.

It has been a sad couple of days. My good friend, Rita Odiorne, died Saturday morning after a long battle with cancer. I am glad she isn’t suffering any longer. I didn’t see Rita often but I did speak with her when I would go to San Antonio. Rita and John introduced me to big dogs….they were good and kind friends. They blessed me.

An Outing with Mah Jongg Buddies and Spousal Units!

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Yesterday afternoon, Becky organized an outing for the MJ gals and our ‘spousal units’. We had a grand time…did wine tasting at the Driftwood Winery then over to the Tratorria Linisa in the ‘suburbs’ of Driftwood….food was EXCELLENT….A good time was had by all!



Whole Lotta Nothin’ Goin’ On!

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Tomorrow I must take photos to put on my blog…also use the Gallery


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This is utter madness….Len keeps saying there is nothing to this global warming but something IS happening. (He says his golf game is getting better and he is DSC00811riding more miles than ever on his bike…so something, yes, IS happening.) He asks, if you ‘get’ the license plate? Annnnnnyway, every year it keeps getting more and more windy (like West Texas windy); hotter earlier, hotter longer, and no rain….poor little plants. The Austin Ameraican Statesman reported last week that we have had 31 days of 100+ weather since May…and we have had more since then!

Tonight I cooked up a ‘mess’ of home grown taters….cute little fingerlings, butterballs, and a few heirlooms. Tasty little guys.

Zinnias for Adelea’s Restaurant

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DSC03317.JPGHopefully, I can continue as the supplier of table flowers for Adelea’s Restaurant here in Salado.   

Trial and a lot of Error!

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This is the third time I have added a new post…who knows why–

The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken

I keep coming up empty. I could go nuts and I have to learn this FAST. Everyday I will enter something into it until I get it right.

Farming in Salado

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DSC02478I have a little co-op. My patrons are friends who enjoy fresh vegetables and who like to humor me!   

I sell whatever is current in plastic grocery bags. So far I have sold artichokes, beets, cucumbers, yellow squash, green beans, tomatoes, garlic, onions, and even a variety of potatoes! I ask patrons to give me whatever they think is fair…and most all of the time they give me $10.00. This will help a lot next year with replanting fees.

Giant CoyoteThe sad/bad news is that the beasties have nearly devoured all of the heirloom tomatoes. I want no prisoners. Down with squirrels, raccoons, coyotes, and deer.