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Happy Hour

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Once a month this distinguished group meets for Happy Hour in ‘downtown’ Salado. Occasionally, we have an emergency ‘called’ meeting for the benefit of one or more needy members! Some of the gang weren’t able to make it….Missing were Becky 1 and Bob who were grandparenting out of town and Mike who was compelled to miss in order to play golf at a fancy golf course in Oklahoma! Do you think we look like Episcopalians?

Most of Happy Hour GroupFrom left to right: Susan 1, Susan 3, Joann, Becky 2, John barely, Susan 2, Tom, and Bill. Len was the photographer using his new camera…..see photos for more of his handiwork. The Photographer

Fingerspitzengef├╝hl Word of the day….won’t exactly roll off your tongue but see if you can’t work it into at least one conversation this week. It is idiomatic and can be a gardening, military, or pop culture term….have fun looking it up….If you have your finger on the pulse and are intuitive you may get it! A good word but without the emotional punch schadenfreude has!

Happy Hour at the Casa Krals

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Trying to be techno competent…..wanting to kill armadillos

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The nasty beasts are at it again

Test driving blog from Len’s computer

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Nothing new to report just checking to see if I can add to the blog!sc0039fd3c

Now this is high fashion!

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Cute Little PURSE How about this for the cutest little watering can purse you ever saw? I bought it at the McNay Art Institute in San Antonio. It is about 7 inches tall…when I paid for it I asked the cashier if all the people who bought it were kind of quirky…she smiled and said, “You are the first to buy one!” BUT she added they had only put them out that morning. I felt/feel vindicated! ­čÖé

Check it out!

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sc0011d807I am getting ready for the Out and About THIS Time with Len …so do you want to practice opening the photo gallery link? If yes, click here!

Online Photo Gallery

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sc0011a467This is the link to the photo gallery. So if you want to see pictures of our trip, you will need to click this link. It will be updated periodically so come back often.  

Dog Days of Summer — TOO Hot to Handle!

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Dog Days of Summer — TOO Hot to Handle!

We have still had no rain to speak of and it hasn’t been below 97 in weeks — and most of the time 100+. The deer are moving in toward the house for food….gloom and doom!

Just returned from SAT to do Mother care which is good for me on many, many levels. As a rule, I am not empathic…but I am developing what I consider to be a keen sense of what it must be like. Very difficult.

IMG_0278I did a quick visit to the McNaY Art Institute and saw a very cool Edward Gorey exhibit…I want to know more about him….he did the kind of spooky black and white, pen and ink drawings that appeared on the PBS Mystery Theater.IMG_0281

Also had a nice visit with Belinda Pustka and Mom’s friend, Betty Lou — ah yes, also went to the Pearl Brewery Farmer’s Market on a tomato run for salsa making! Mac tutor, Anna is here…must try to be smart!

4th of July 2009

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DSC03362DSC03355 Well actually, these photos were taken on July 3rd…Len and I went to the annual Hoelscher 4th of July fireworks display and dinner. It is always fun even though Len and I rarely stay for the fireworks…we are OLD and we get HOT….but we were there long enough to see the people we don’t see often and the people we care a lot about.

DSC03357Sadly, Mike’s Dad, Louis, died earlier in the evening. He was a kind man who always made us feel like part of the family. An admirable trait and I will remember him fondly.

Katie thinks she would like to do a bit of traveling with me…Oh, how I hope it happens and that we don’t get brittle with one another. Pam would LOVE it…I think she actually told me to do this!