Dog Days of Summer — TOO Hot to Handle!

Dog Days of Summer — TOO Hot to Handle!

We have still had no rain to speak of and it hasn’t been below 97 in weeks — and most of the time 100+. The deer are moving in toward the house for food….gloom and doom!

Just returned from SAT to do Mother care which is good for me on many, many levels. As a rule, I am not empathic…but I am developing what I consider to be a keen sense of what it must be like. Very difficult.

IMG_0278I did a quick visit to the McNaY Art Institute and saw a very cool Edward Gorey exhibit…I want to know more about him….he did the kind of spooky black and white, pen and ink drawings that appeared on the PBS Mystery Theater.IMG_0281

Also had a nice visit with Belinda Pustka and Mom’s friend, Betty Lou — ah yes, also went to the Pearl Brewery Farmer’s Market on a tomato run for salsa making! Mac tutor, Anna is here…must try to be smart!


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