Happy Hour

Once a month this distinguished group meets for Happy Hour in ‘downtown’ Salado. Occasionally, we have an emergency ‘called’ meeting for the benefit of one or more needy members! Some of the gang weren’t able to make it….Missing were Becky 1 and Bob who were grandparenting out of town and Mike who was compelled to miss in order to play golf at a fancy golf course in Oklahoma! Do you think we look like Episcopalians?

Most of Happy Hour GroupFrom left to right: Susan 1, Susan 3, Joann, Becky 2, John barely, Susan 2, Tom, and Bill. Len was the photographer using his new camera…..see photos for more of his handiwork. The Photographer

FingerspitzengefĂĽhl Word of the day….won’t exactly roll off your tongue but see if you can’t work it into at least one conversation this week. It is idiomatic and can be a gardening, military, or pop culture term….have fun looking it up….If you have your finger on the pulse and are intuitive you may get it! A good word but without the emotional punch schadenfreude has!

One Response to “Happy Hour”

  1. Ann Farris Says:

    Is it not true that one can have too many Susan’s?

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