We made it!

Us first day in Parris

No catastrophes — my share of flight pills and champagne can take the edge off of ‘slight choppiness’ as the pilot called it…All I can tell you is that I never screamed…not once, but I did think about it 🙂 !!! We enjoyed the AA upgrade but it still seems like steerage after 7 hours.

We got in about 8:45 am, checked into the room right here in the AA terminal 2, and were on the train for Paris by noon. It was perfect…the weather was sweet about 75-80F and tiny little sprinkles every now and then. We did a nice 7 mile walk from Notre Dame DSC_0344DSC_0240 to Louvre (several side trips), the Jardin Trivoli ( am not looking up spelling words right now), AND Angelina’s Chocolate shop (Thank you Zoe for the mega tip!) Oh my, oh my. Although it was nearing 80F, I was compelled to order the incredible Hot White Chocolate, garnished with a side of whipping cream. I am such a happy girl. Len had Grey Goose on the rocks and so he was happy too!

Len is starting to take ‘art’ photos….yes, I am glad, but somewhat peevish that I can’t get the new uber (yikes, no umlaut on this key board!) camera out of his hands!

We have had one h our of sleep out of 24 so we are going to turn in…plan to meet our transport tomorrow morning and head for Le Havre and the Viking Seine….Thanks for airplane prayers!


4 Responses to “We made it!”

  1. John & Joanne Says:

    Great photos–great photography actually. You are turning into a real “artiste”! We’re enjoying your blog. Have more fun.

  2. Sounds perfect so far! Glad the flight went well. I’m anxious to see Len’s photos to see places I’ve never visited. Mmmmmm–white chocolate. Have another one for me. Have fun.

  3. shelley smith Says:

    Oh this is great sport seeing you in nearly rt………. just sheer pleasure … .. and such abundance of life in chocolat.

    until tomorrow,

  4. The picture of the backpack and wine bottle makes me think that all you need in life is that!

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