A very nice day in Le Havre…written for the 2nd time!

Ok last night I wrote and wrote….I was absolutely gifted…funny and clever….well, Len became ‘overtired’ and just a wee bit cranky so I had to turn out the light and DSC_0437DAMN, lost it all….believe me he paid for that judgement call! Sooo, in summary: We landed woke up at dawn yesterday so we could meet up with the Viking folks that were to transport us to Le Havre and the ship….it went well….3 hour uneventful bus visit. We couldn’t get in our room until 3 so we did a walk…that ended up being 7.5 miles! Le Havre is a World Heritage site….wiped clean off the map in WWII and made into a new CITY….VERY MODERN and referred to as charmless in our program documentation….but oh well, check out the photos….I like the oldster in speedo playing Bocci. OMG…..I can be grateful that Len gave up that speedo!

Len and I decided that we would begin to have one meaningful conversation a day AND we will (may) do one research project a week to be taught out to the other. Len needed some elaboration. Research projects are NOT assigned by the partner and NOT at all about issues of the day….such as the appropriate use of garbage disposals!   DSC03443



One Response to “A very nice day in Le Havre…written for the 2nd time!”

  1. Susan Lawson Says:

    We’re back from Montana – great trip, and cool weather! Took a raft trip yesterday – I think I’m ready for a three-day raft trip! Much like a safari – basically, THEY do all the work! What more could a girl ask for? Loving your blog – hugs to Len; and y’all have a cool one for us!

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