Last day in Le Havre and a morning visit to Honfleur!

A precious, precious little fishing village on the opposite side of the Seine. More photo opportunities….but I have to SNEAK off around corners to take my own ‘art’ photos because Len is such a copy cat that he sees me taking a picture and runs over and DSC_0776takes the same one only using the oh-so-much-better-camera…then brags about his great shots. I know a great shot too……he is the target and I am the shooter! :-DSC_0747

We are already tired of eating but making ourselves eat anyway. Have met some nice couples….Len is playing at being Mr. Charisma….it scares me! I have had quite a few compliments on my hat, thank you very much….should have brought some to sell!



3 Responses to “Last day in Le Havre and a morning visit to Honfleur!”

  1. Susan Lawson Says:

    Love the photo of the hat!

  2. Margaret Williamson Says:

    I think it may be a “man” thing to watch wives take creative and artistic photos and then use their superior cameras to copycat.

  3. You look so cool! Love all the information and pictures.

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