Cruised at last — Rouen and so forth!

At last we started to cruise, which is the best of all….the crew had a champagne reception for Frequent Viking Travelers, which was a big mistake for me….offer me DSC_0936champagne and the rest is just more about more champagne. Anyway we visited with crew and met more interesting people — Dianne and Glen who reminded us about what is really important. She had a stroke at 51 now 17 years later she has adapted using her wheel chair; her husband Glen has Macular Degeneration but nothing seems to daunt them. Then there is an honest to goodness American Gothic couple, a darling and hilarious Australian couple — she wears artificial flowers and the occasional butterfly in her hair!

We visited the Rouen Cathedral Notre Dame Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum shop, of course, ate lunch at a sidewalk cafe, and bought a tiny little painting Rouen a lovely city. DSC_0941

We cruised overnight and docked in a little town of Les Andelys – we started to walk up to the Chateau Gaillard, a 12th century structure built by Richard the Lion Hearted.It was too slow for me walking behind hordes of people who stopped suddenly…so Len went on and I walked 3 miles on my own in the cute little village…. so now we will cruise to Vernon to see the Claude Monet home in Giverny…..Tomorrow Conflans….I am having trouble downloading pictures in the gallery but will continue to add as I can.


One Response to “Cruised at last — Rouen and so forth!”

  1. What a beautiful picture of you on the ship/boat! I love reading about your adventures. I was pleased to see that you took the initiative and continue to be your own person–you should never follow the horde! Be that trailblazer I love!!!! I do think the cost of Len’s camera was well worth it. The photos are spectacular. I feel like I’m there with you. Love and miss you.

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