Good bye Viking Seine

End of Crusin’ and Goodbye France

I am writing this after the fact because it has been so hard to get Internet connections on the boat or we have had too many cocktails to care! The last two days onboard were in Paris…..we had many fine little excursions….after a bus city tour, Len and I bailed and went out on our own….I went to the Musee d’ Orsay to get an impressionist art fix and Len trekked off to the T-shirt kiosks about 2 miles away to pick up Tour de France t-shirts! We both felt satiated! The very big deal was a great night cruise that was spectacular….our boat load of passengers and about 2,000 others sailed down and up the Parisian Seine and saw the Eiffel Tower with all the lights — it was tre joille or for Texans tray joeley (not remotely spelled correctly!)Eifel from Seine Night Cruise

The Captain’s dinner was preceded by the Captain’s cocktail party where I drank 3 Wild Turkey Manhattans…..Oh how I love Manhattans and I know why I do not drink them often! We thoroughly enjoyed the sailing and the very interesting chums we met.  Kids on the side of Seine


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