In Monet’s Garden

Monet’s gardens are beautiful….there were gazillions of people there – and that is understated – and I reported earlier that it was 88 F – no it was 95 F and felt it. I loved being there though. I loved the book The Private Lives of the Impressionists and recommended it to everyone but the Japanese tourists who were the only ones I couldn’t converse with. I have had lots of opportunities to talk book club and library on this outing.DSC_1359 DSC03600

Now about Len: I am telling you this man is a sleeper! He is almost a table hopper. He is popular and charming AND the helper of those in need. Today he very thoughtfully and modestly walked behind an elderly gentleman with walking difficulties to make sure he got back to the bus from Monet’s house. Everyone else just zipped by. Then at night he is almost the Karaoke boy! We have new friends –two couples…brothers and wives. The brothers attended Frankfurt American High School, the rival of my high school, Kaiserslautern American High School, both in Germany. We have done a bit of bonding – it New Chums has been lots of fun. Len also had an on-the-spot examination by a fellow traveler/neurosurgeon who while chit chatting, examined Len by doing some leg rotations against the strength and realized that his left leg has little strength ‘against the force’ therefore because of the ways the nerves emanate from the spine, that the problem resides in the lumbar 4 & 5 vertebrae. What is surprising is that this is the same diagnosis from an MRI Len had earlier….took him 2 minutes. He recommended that Len gets no fusions but to ask doctors to decompress the spine which he says is an easy procedure.

We really like the ‘excursions’ but adore the cruising…I go into a trance. Len and I walked into Vernon today to a grocery store where they sell wine and liquor and for much fewer Euros…..I love grocery stores.

Enough already. More tomorrow.


One Response to “In Monet’s Garden”

  1. Carol Ann Says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!! Just entered your blog/site??? today and I am blown away. I love to read and laugh out loud and that is what I have just been doing. You are so clever, witty, charming, gifted, etc….I could go on and on but I shall stop. How is it that Len got a new camera? The one he carried in England was such a beauty. Susan, did you get his cast off camera? You, two, are sure living with passion. I love it and love you too.

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