Zum Deutschland!

From Paris to Bayerisch Eisenstein, Germany

A nice easy trip to the airport via taxi and for only $90.00 and Len was happy to pay for it to get him there his required 3 hours early! While waiting we met up with boat mates and had a nice time reminiscing with them before we met a Polish immigrant, living in Paris with a deeeeear little puppy. Puppy or Puppette as she called him, was going to Poland to get his broken foot operated on….it would have cost her $2,000 in France but a friend vet in Poland was going to do it for free if she would bring Puppette….oh, Puppette was a rescue dog…she had bought him off a wino in front of the Metro who was beating him….We were overcome of course and if she would have asked we would have cheerfully paid for the surgery in France.

So we landed in Munich to a very slick airport…with beach volleyball tournaments going on right in the airport! We won’t mind being stuck there for 3 hours in about 12 days. Picked up the Opal rental car and using the new toy, GPS, plus written directions made our way to Bayerisch Eisenstein….it is beautiful, beautiful. So Bavaria! We did get to go to the tail end of a local festival, Ludwigshochfest….missing the lovely umlaut, but you get the idea! Then took a walk (spaziergang) into the Czech Republick.DSC_2158

Our apartment is bigger than the one we had when we first got married, 38 fun filled years ago! Verrrrrrry clean and verrrrry German. We like it. Our balcony looks off into the Bavarian Forest, all so lush and green.

We slept in this morning in a nice big bed but hard….I kept dreaming that I had planned a party at the house but went off with Len and because detained didn’t get home in time for the house guests….also dreamed of fighting lynxes….guess I do need therapy!

This morning we made our way off about 12 km to Zwiesel to find a supermarket….we plan to eat one meal out mid day then snack for dinner, trinken gutes Deutsche Riesling wein. DSC03699 After shopping we went out again to ride up to the Aber which is the highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest 1485 meters….or may be not….I just made that up. WILL TRY TO GET FACTS TOMORROW. But they were anticipating a storm, which did happen, so no cable car ride today. Whew. I hate heights. So sadly we had to go back to Zwiesel for looking about and visiting a Nachtmann crystal factory outlet….There was a time when I would have bought out the place but I used self-restraint, reminded myself of the shelves of crystal at home that hold mostly dust….and didn’t buy a thing! Anyone out there surprised?

I did try on a typical Bavarian dress….called a dirndil…..I mean it, I loved the dress but not the apron and I just can’t imagine traipsing around Salado in it….well, maybe I can imagine but there is no need to create that much of a furor….my hats alone are sufficient! But I DO think I have a fantasy about being a Bavarian Bar Maid!DSC_2116

I hope to add some photos if internet holds out!


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