August 11 – A lovely drive to Passau

Zum Passau und zuruck!

We were up and on the back roads to Passau Dreiflüssestadt (City of Three Rivers), because the Danube is joined there by the Inn from the South, and the Ilz coming out of the Bavarian Forest to the North…(straight from the mouth of Wikipedia!!– we were able to use our dear little GPS, that I have learned to love to get their quickly and even to park without incident! There were two Viking boats docked so it was fun to chit chat with them…..One of the boats, the Viking Legend appears to be newest and quite slick…Len mentioned in passing that he would like to cruise on that boat next….is there an implication there that he would do this again?The BIG organ

The weather today has been just like the Bavaria I remember – cool, overcast, with intermittent showers. Our drive to Passau had us going through the exquisite Bavarian National Forest….wondrous dark forests with hundreds of paths and trekkers too….but it never seems crowded….so beautiful. I can’t wait to email our friends from the ‘olden days’ when we lived in Hanau to remind them of the bike rides and Volksmarchen we used to do in those types of woods.

Ok, moving on. We were able to hear the Orgelkoncert in the St Stephens Cathedral in Passau….very lovely but I a little organ music goes a long way with me. Len resisted the temptation to buy a CD…Danke mein lieber Gott! Yes, my German is coming back….that doesn’t mean I am able to crack jokes but it does mean I can understand jokes! I had a nice chat with the keeper of the great key to St Stephens who let me take a photo of it….he told me it was the key to heaven – and I could buy it! Very clever man.DSC03761

On our return to Bayerisch Eisenstein, we stopped in a little village I spotted going….Frauenau, where they just happen to have woodcarvers and yes, I was moved to purchase a lovely Madonna….thinking Sarah Denton will like inheriting it! The wood carver had a good fat cat, too. A good sign to buy a woodcarving I think, don’t you? Then a cup of tea with cake while Len had a nice tall beer….then a walk through a gorgeous church with cemetery. Now the commentary on German cemeteries. They are perfect. Tidy, each grave landscaped as if it were a total place, which of course, it is. I might choose a German cemetery if I can’t wangle my way into the Grantchester church outside of Cambridge. Lots of photos will tell all.German  cemetery

Once back in Bayerisch Eisenstein we went to the tourist info office to buy our bus ticket to Prague on Thursday and our train ticket to Regensberg on Friday. We have decided to stay here until Monday…then drive up to Hanau to see what is left of our beginnings.

We are waiting for our friends to show up for our reunions so I better sign off. More later….we THINK we may go with them tomorrow to Bertchesgaden to visit Hitler’s retreat, Eagle’s Nest. We’ll see. Gruss Gott! (and darn, no umlaut again!)


2 Responses to “August 11 – A lovely drive to Passau”

  1. Susan Lawson Says:

    Glad you’re back online!

  2. This trip gives new meaning to planes, trains and automobiles. The photo of the Eiffel Tower is beautiful. I am always eager to read each day’s adventures. I am tired just reading about all of your excursions; I was pleased to see you slept in at least one morning. I don’t blame you for wanting to cram as much into each day as possible–you are certainly making the most of your time! It sounds as if Len is having just as much fun as you. That is wonderful. Take care my friend.

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