Good Friends – Good Visit!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009: DSC03847 Good Friends – Good Visit!

I am sitting here out in our hall way with my PJs on and hair dripping wet working on the blog because this is the only place you can get to the wifi service….right by the front door— no table, just balancing the computer on my lap. I want to get this off ASAP because after Len watches the gloom and doom news on CNN we will watch a movie and I want the blog complete for the day! We will be leaving early the next two mornings and getting in very late both nights so I don’t know when I will get to post, as they say in the industry!

Maureen and Robert met us at the Pöschl Stuben restaurant for a fabulous meal and a wonderful reunion. I have known Maureen for 37 years…she and I did team teaching (4 year olds) at the Hanau Preschool. We have kept up over the years but don’t get to see each other often. This was our first time to meet Robert…who is charming, handsome, and funny, and oh so Irish from Belfast! I refer to him as the “new husband” although they have been married 20 years. We all hit it off immediately and hope to see them again soon.

To get the food out of the way, I had my first schnitzel of the trip, and oh my sweet Wolfgang Puck, it was soooooo delicious. Len had good wursts and we had a nice wine called Gruner Veltiner, I think!   Very light like the Vinho Verde. Ok food out of the way….we came back to the apartment where we drank the very grand wine that they brought us….My face is so puffy. Drink is my enemy! WELL, maybe drink and schnitzels, and küchen are my enemies! Betty Ford, here I come with a reactivation of Weight Watchers Lifetime membership!

DSC_2546This morning we walked down to the Gasthaus where Maureen & Robert stayed the night. We took their car over into the Czech Republic since it has the correct insurance…we just poked around the tourista places run by either Cambodians or Vietnamese. It is a sad little border town…and I don’t even know the name of it.

The rest of the day was spent in a lovely little Bavarian city, Bodenmeis…another grand schnitzel this time with spatzele. And yes, shopping. What a windfall….I did, yes, get ready for it, I bought a dirndl. So since I now have a dirndl, I must have a Biergarten party….so readers brush up on your yodeling and beg, borrow, or steal lederhosen and/or dirndls! I have to wear that dress. Maureen & Robert say they will come from NY! Probably to see if I have the nerve to wear it!DSC03871

Then thanks to Viking River chums, we found the Joska Krystal Fabrik….aka crystal factory. Oh my. Well better I bought a dirndl than a chandelier and more crystal. I did get a few tiny things. This place is huge….like a compound…sort of a Garden Ridge kind of idea but of gorgeous lead crystal. I will elaborate on demand when I get home.  


One Response to “Good Friends – Good Visit!”

  1. Nothing like a good costume party! I’m sure all of us here at home can find something to wear. Sounds like another fun-filled day. Tell Len to keep up the photography–he might get close to your talent with a little work 😉

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