We are whipped!

Thursday, August 13, 2009: We are whipped.

It has been a verrrry long day and this is going to be short and sweet. Our Prague bus trip was not exactly what we expected and to the nice end of the continuum. Real kolaches served to us on our bus First we thought it was just a ride to Prague only and it turned out to be a real all day tour. BUT it was all in German! We were the only English speakers but that turned out well too. The bus driver spoke virtually nothing but German and Czech…..so I was hyper vigilant fearful that we would not know where or when to get the bus back (that was before I knew it was an all day together tour!) The real Czech tour guide turned herself inside out to help Bus driver serving breakfast at a rest stopus….she didn’t get on the bus till we were in Prague so you can see we never knew anything for certain at the beginning….information just dribbled in!   

Prague is a curious place so much nicer than regular little Czech towns we drove through….a lot left over from the Communist rule in terms of lack of affluence or the appearance of affluence. The country though is tidy and lovely. Of course, it was raining when we left Bayerisch Eisenstein but turned out to be mild and pretty while in Prague. The pictures are from Prague Castle and street scenes. Our tour guide told us in good English that the citizens of Prague are still not comfortable with their freedom and that the leaders are taking the worst mannerisms from the West and have forgotten the best of the East. Pretty interesting, huh? The best was lunch in a quiet restaurant where we sat with two other couples – one from Holland and the other from Germany and we did have a good time….they Fabulous Moucha window very hesitantly asked questions in very stilted English and I responded in very stilted German and we all loved it! By the end of the tour, I had bonded with a gang of Deutsche Leute (German people). It is all coming back. I think Len was/is impressed. I am best at topics – nouns, adjectives, and verbs last! I was particularly pleased with myself for giving Len the scoop on political topics and thievery!!! Two sisters were from Georgia (former Soviet Union) who had family in Baltimore were very interested in us. Being from Texas is a very cool thing here!

So we have been gone 12 hours and it is time for a movie and wine….


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