Friday, August 14, 2009: Train Adventures

  Train Adventures

Germany the lother Czech RepublikCheck out the cool train station here in Bayerisch Eisenstein. Half of it is in Germany and the other half in the Czech Republic, We took a very cool train ride this morning to Regensberg where we had still another schnitzel lunch and with exceptional pomme frittes! The restaurant was in the garden of a brewery, Thurn & Taxi, an odd name. Then a nice walk around town and into a Kaufhof my favorite department store in Germany….Oh, the damage I could have done….but instead we just bought some ‘spirits’ for the rest of our stay since we learned this morning that tomorrow is a holiday and nothing will be open but restaurants….it does mean a nice fest that we will try to visit tomorrow somewhere near Bayerisch Eisenstein.

The weather is finally clear so we hope to get some better photos of around beautiful countryside. It was warm in Regensberg but back here at ‘home’ down right chilly….probably about 65º F.

We shared the train with TONS of students from Regensberg going to Straubing for the 2nd largest fest in Bavaria, the Gaeubodenfest – 90% had on typical Bavarian attire, the darling boys in lederhosen and the girls in precious mini dirndls. AND, they were all getting a head start with the beer drinking! But they were relatively well behaved and most spoke terrific English.Lads with a case of beer for train ride

The big news is that we had to switch trains in Plattling which was not a problem going to Regensberg but we learned coming home that the train was ‘kaput’ so waited with about 40 others for a bus to take us to Dreggendorf to the Hauptbahnhof to catch a train to Bayerisch Eisenstein….Most of the time we weren’t really sure what was happening exactly…which can be pretty unnerving. The last scare, was as we sat on the train at the stop before ours alone…everyone else had poured off the train…fortunately some nice German women came back for us and told us we had to change to the first car….ours wasn’t going anywhere! Bikes on Train

I forgot to tell you about our lunch yesterday I was so involved with our table mates. We had the appetizer with whipped cream and horseradish (AND very good, I might add); a fine rouladen of pork filled with vegetables and whipped cream; rice; gravy; and hot apple strudel, also with whipped cream. Isn’t that odd? But it was ALL very good.


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