A festival in Steinhutte

Saturday, August 15, 2009: A festival in Steinhutte

Bavarian vistaThe weather was absolutely PERFECT today! We did a little 3.5 mile walk then quick like rabbits came in to change clothes for a festival in Steinhutte, a tiny little place way up near the Arbor (biggest mountain). It was dear. Lots of generations there celebrating something that I will look up here in a minute. There weren’t more than 150 people there, I think. We had a nice conversation with the priest in his excellent English. Len thinks he may have studied in the UK because of the English accent. He was very welcoming. I think back when I first was in Germany as a 15 year old….People of color were the extreme minority…and now a priest in Bavaria. I love it. What would Hitler think? Too bad Adolf.Oma und Opa   

Anyway, we took tons of pictures then came home for a quiet afternoon. It is a full blown holiday so we just drove around in some little villages. Studying their part in the program When we did get home, Len had some quiet time out in the garden…..after I did a few ‘happy snaps’ I went off to our hosts home to find out about some of the good walks we hope to do tomorrow….and while there Martin gave me a mini-schnapps lesson and tasting. I bought a tiny bottle that will help with my digestion or if I have a baby I won’t need an epidural!  

Looking back, I see I have a number of spelling and grammatical errors. Sorry!


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