Sunday, August 16, 2009: A Tough Walk in the Woods and Preparing to Depart

A Tough Walk in the Woods and Preparing to Depart

I was determined to take a trek in the Bavarian Forest and I did it and learned a lot. What makes me think or not think in certain circumstances? Usually, I am hyper vigilant but these days I just have one surprise after the other. We asked for a nice quick walk in the dark woods…we did get the dark woods!Perky before THE trek

Things I learned:

1.    A field mouse symbol does not necessarily mean a simple walk. I am glad we didn’t take the mountain goat route.

2.    If you think about doing a walk or trek you should wear appropriate shoes not semi-cute street walking shoes.

3.    If you notice that trekkers use walking sticks and you actually brought one with you, then you should take it on the trek.

4.    If you have a trekking map, bring it on the walk/trek.

5.    If you think the compass or map on the iPhone will help in deep woods, it won’t!

6.    Bringing the bottle of water you have been saving is smart too.

I was whipped after 30 minutes as the trail went straight up, it was wet, slick, and rough….and I am NOT exaggerating. I am such a wuss….so full of myself bragging about my 6-7 mile a day walks….HA! My walks are nothing to prepare for this kind of walking. We saw one other person…a young robust gal, whipping along at Nordic speed using both her sticks….I even saw her use them to propel her lithe and hard body over a muddy spot and upward over a stump at the same time! I didn’t like her much at the time…..The only good thing is I didn’t wear flip flops! Len was a good scout and never whined. I whined. When it was all over my tusch muscles twitched for 3.5 hours.Very poor shoe choice

We went for recovery to the Bodenmais Dumpling Festival! Isn’t that right down my alley? OH. In every photo you may notice I have a pouchy stomach….it is my ‘money belt’ truly….loaded with credit cards, ½ pound of change, and my passport. It really isn’t flesh! Anyway, back to the Dumpling Festival which was nothing more than restaurants open all serving dumplings if you wanted them….so I had my last schnitzel….you couldn’t make me eat another one, good as they have been. I felt like a goose being fattened for foi gras….stuffed with schnitzels J! It was a nice restaurant and Len and I fine tuned our Fasching plans for October. Cute little guy playing the accordion….made it very pleasant. Len taking Candid Photos of Corn

After this hearty lunch, Len just drove me through one wonderful village after the other…the weather today has been perfect.   Len and I are very taken with how families do so much together here. The entire weekend has been full of families biking and walking. It is very healthy and something we should think more about…."smokers' for incense

We are home now packing all kinds of things and tossing paper things we have hoarded but know we won’t want later. Len is thinking dark thoughts about my packing and me especially since I keep adding to his suitcase. That darling dirndl can’t weigh that much! At least I didn’t buy wooden shoes!

Tomorrow we head up to the Frankfurt area to visit Hanau where we lived when we first were married in 1971. Our chum, Maureen, who we saw earlier in the week went to Hanau last month…her report was disappointing. Apparently the entire post/kaserne is blocked with fencing and barbed wire…but we just have to see for ourselves. It will be a 5 hour drive then afterward we will go to the Frankfurt Sheraton airport hotel for our flight Tuesday to Milan….bottom line we do not expect to have internet access tomorrow night. So will write more from Menaggio, Italy on Lake Como. Stay tuned!


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