August 19, 2009: Lake Como and Ferry Rides

Lake Como and Ferry Rides                 

Where to start? It is beautiful in every way. Milan airport very easy but the cute little Garmin GPS confused me….when I told her Como….she kept giving me these two choices: Como, CO or Como ME. I thought she thought Colorado and Maine so I kept getting her more confused…after a bit of sightseeing we finally started understanding one another and then she took us to Como, CO as in Como not Colorado.

The apt is very pretty…much prettier than the Eisenstein apt but it is much more difficult to get to on foot….treacherous might be a good word…reminds me of the farm house we had in Italy 5+ years ago. The view from this apt is absolutely, without a doubt, magnificent. The condominiums are probably about 5 years old and all I can think about is the HGTV series where people buy international property. It is tiny but very, very pretty. Living room, kitchen, huge bath, big one bedroom with a king size bed…closets built in….Wonderful shuddered windows that open up and a divine balcony….and NO a/c regardless of what they told me before…but thank goodness we do have 2 fans that we use constantly. It was in the 100s yesterday here too not just in Salado but no AC!!!!!Great Len Shot

Yesterday morning we went to the property managers and negotiated for the extra fan and explained the freezer in the dorm sized refrigerator was not operating….Len defrosted it when we got here —was completely iced up. Let’s get our priorities right….One can’t enjoy tepid vodka!

After housing conversations and banking, we got an all day ferry pass that ended up seeming like all year in one all day. The weather going out about 10:30 am Cool color was lovely and off to Bellagio we went. This little town is across the lake from us so you will see it from the water in the photo gallery. Very picturesque. We had a lunch of spaghetti….Len with meat sauce and I had just tomato sauce. I told Len that it probably wouldn’t be too good since it was in a darling outdoor café right on the water…..It was delicious. We eat out one meal a day…midday… then in the evening crackers, cheese, and salami, and a fine beverage, of course.

Not much to say except it continued to heat up…..and I mean it felt like 250º F…even on the very extended ferry ride home….we did dock at about 8 places before getting back but that was ok even if we felt blistered! Once back, we went to our local supermarket……like Brookshire’s but in a series of odd little rooms all twisty and tangled. Len and I looooooove markets. We stand wide-eyed in front of the mustard and even cleaning products. It takes so littleJ!!!

Then a walk up Heidi’s mountain because one of us couldn’t remember where the short cut was located. No names mentioned. Let’s say we risked life and limb walking up the switchbacks with no sidewalks. Back at last for a shower that felt better than anything I have experienced. Then dinner and wine on the balcony with Morning Haze remarkable view with fireworks tooNightscape

Now, about the neighbor. OMG!!!! When we arrived, we had a bit of a worry…aka NO WAY can these suitcases go up there…..Regular rock steps leading to a spiral staircase going miles up it seemed. Remember we/Len had to pay for HEAVY overweight luggage in Frankfurt? A mere $120.00…and I reallllllly did toss things before we left Germany. I bravely let go of 3 out of 5 mascaras and I carried the woodcarving and the painting…and gave away 3 books including the world atlas I loved but Len said had to go! How much can a dirndl weigh? Anyway, back to THE neighbor. Undoubtedly the handsomest living man in the world….came out of the downstairs apt and after doing the ,”Do you speak English?” business….which he did in PERFECT English, he offered to help Len, senior citizen thing…..Len tells this best so I will now take dictation, something I normally won’t do! J In Len’s words–, “I was having trouble using both hands to get the luggage up the spiral staircase, he asked me if I needed any help. Of course, I said, “No.” He insisted. I got Susan’s suitcase almost to the top of the spiral staircase when he with ONE hand picked up my 60-pound suitcase AND lifted it in one motion to the top of the stairs. Susan forgot to say that his biceps are ask big as my calves with matching strength.” Susan now speaking. “Every word true…..but he is also breathtakingly handsome! Now the realllllllly dear part. He and his gorgeous wife are here for 2 weeks with their 25 day-old baby girl. He is sooooooo attentive to both….This is what makes the man! I am trying to figure out a way to get a picture to post. They should be on the cover of Family Circle.


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