Thursday, August 20, 2009: Doesn’t seem as hot today…..AC in the car!

Doesn’t seem as hot today…..AC in the car!

This may have been the only day since we left that we did not hurry. Len was up at 6:00 but I didn’t get up until 9:00 then we left about 10:30 with not much on an itinerary. First off emptied the garbage in very cool recycling units…..  DSC04358 drove north along the lake through about 7-8 tunnels….some very long….like 3.5 miles long. Luckily, I am not currently afraid of tunnels.

It wasn’t long before I spotted a local market…..Len, the super hero, managed to parallel park on a street the width of a sidewalk. It was a bummer little market – no hats to speak of…there were some parakeets for sale and lots of underwear! So we went further north past Lake Como to Chivenna then back to Dogo for a luscious lunch….or I think it was. Len wanted pasta but caved in to my burning desire to have risotto with spinach and Gorgonzola cheese in cream sauce (It was for 2 only.). He begrudgingly admitted it was good – I am telling you it was fabulous.Back Yard?

Then on to find the oldest golf course in Italy – it was waaaaaaaay up there and more than a little spooky riding through the narrow streets….I never screamed once, but I did use the imaginary brake on my side of the car….repeatedly.  

Then onward to the West to find another beautiful lake (Lake Lugano) and a town, Porlezza, with a mega market….of course it was necessary to replenish the larder.  

Man Possessed by ComputerWe commented often that today just wasn’t that hot….thank you car A/C.

One brief observation. I so loved my month in the Cotswolds….the cottage, the village, and the support system (Kim & Tim) were perfect. Now I’m telling you that at times it was really challenging. Here is the punch line: I could not rent a cottage in Italy. It would be too daunting for me. Germany I could do….first of all there is not much flat here except for that golf course….and it was on top of a cliff.

Tomorrow driving to Como, park the car, hope to find the silk outlet, then train into Milan. Ciao bambinos!


3 Responses to “Thursday, August 20, 2009: Doesn’t seem as hot today…..AC in the car!”

  1. Ann Farris Says:

    So, what about the silk? NO purchase?
    Your photographs are beautiful and moving.
    Way to be you!
    It is time to start the fall semester of college here; I will wallow in my self-pity, envy you a bit more, and go back to work.
    Keep having a great time, for all of us, please.


  2. Susan Lawson Says:

    The pictures are great! I especially like the shadow artwork and the one of North Lake Como. Dentons are home safe and sound; they had a very good trip. We’ll be glad to have you back for mah jongg!

  3. I have so loved reading today’s entry. It sounds like a glorious day. I have been in San Diego, so I got behind in reading. I must catch up! The photos are wonderful; I almost feel like I’ve been there with you. Love to you both.

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