Saturday, August 22, 2009: About our apartments – Germany and Italy

About our apartments – Germany and Italy

Yikes, I haven’t done justice to Internet vacation homes!

Germany. Our apartment was in a little town right on the Czech border….one road in and one out. The area is considered a reasonable place for Germans to vacation. It is not the high end but a very pretty end in Germany…the Czech area was more depressed. Very Iron Curtain. Our apartment in Bayerisch Eisenstein was very German. Margaret & Martin, landlords, have 4 properties on two streets that are connected. Their house is the reception area with a shop of sorts, lounge with snacks, their office, and their home on the 2nd floor. Our apartment was in the Haus Martin…apt. Vogel. Four apartments to the house. It had sloping ceilings, Livingroom Bayerisch Eisenstein one king size but uncomfortable beds in the bedroomBedroom in Eisenstein , one bath in a long hall, the kitchen/dining area, living room, and a balcony facing a garden. The furnishings were very ‘modern’ and simple. It was exceptionally clean. We had fantastic support from Margaret and Martin. Fantastic support. They didn’t miss a trick. Newsletters, weather, a wine stube, laundry, maps, you name it. Margaret was very easy to work with before we arrived and after we arrived. They also provide ‘starter’ groceries…brötchen, butter, milk, juice, tea, coffee, olive oil, etc. But NO ICE. You can easily walk to town and train station. Kitchen The Bayerisch Wald was beautiful and if you are a mega trekker you are in business. It is a great place for short outings like Regensberg, Passau, Prague, and other places in Czech Republik. Closest grocery store was about 10 miles away. There was a very nice restaurant in town and nearby lots to see and do just locally to include a golf course. You are expected to tidy up when you leave and you wouldn’t dare break anything….all dishes, glasses, and utensils are very nice.

Italy. This apartment is in a smallish town on Lake Como…with several different types of towns along the shore. All little towns are accessible by car or by ferry. Our town, Menaggio, is considered to be the best for night life (? Not that I would know.) It has a supermarket like Brookshire Bros. and pricey like BBros. All lake towns are more or less terraced….and are on roads with many, many switchbacks that make me NUTS. Len loves them…and makes little animations like zoom, zoom, whissssssch, etc. like he is on his bike so he says. I hate that. Our Apartment Our Bellavista, is on probably the 5th terrace….he says 3rd. Hmmmm. Add to that level, each street is circuitous at best. Instead of forks in the road, you have one fork up, and two down, or something similar. Our apartment is actually pretty new, maybe 5 years old and reminds me of something on HGTV International Home Hunters. It is behind a traffic barrier but we have never seen it down; we have a locked garage; we are on the 2nd floor; we have one bedroom with king size bed; kitchen (gas range, microwave, dorm refrigerator); living room with fire place; dining area, huge bathroom with shower and bidet, and an incredible balcony overlooking the vast lake with at least 4 villages Another office view Menaggio bedroomproviding sparkling night lights. No a/c and it is August. The furniture is very nice, with lots of houseplants, shutters for the climate, little drying rack, and a pool too. Closet space You cannot walk to town without risking life and limb. The booking agency, Happy House something or another have been pretty helpful. They are Italian and don’t speak great English like Margaret and Martin. But they did get us our wifi ASAP that cost 15 Euros for the week and 2 fans. Also they were pretty responsive about getting us directions and reservations. But like our Texas neighbors to the south, Italians pretty well think, “Chill out.”  Nothing provided for starters except some left over brandy! We love this apartment. Traffic is NUTS. Like the lady at Hertz said when we got here, “Black Days of Traffic.” Yes. If you don’t get the insurance, and you have a bad day, you pay. We paid and we are glad.

In conclusion. Both apartments have been nice and worth the money. Italy cost more but I think that is the location, location, location. Lake Como is more like Niagara (Not Viagra) Falls, and Bayerisch Eisenstein is more like hmmmmm, we can’t figure out what to say here. We liked both in different ways and were not disappointed in either.


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