Saturday, August 22, 2009: Two Different Days

Two Different Days

I couldn’t even write my blog yesterday—our trip to Milan was so long, so hot, so hard, so expensive, and so some other things. We drove to Como instead of using the ferry because it was supposed to be easier but the parking was a nightmare and ended up costing $30.00 for about 6 hours….not a lot like parking in downtown Salado!    The train was pretty grimy — or filthy, take your pick — and Good Gordon, it was hot ($15.00 for tickets)! The guidebooks are right when they said that Milan closes up in August and especially during the time of day we were there. Milan Duomo But we did get to see the Duomo, walk through the totally closed fashion district, and eat a nice lunch. I had a tasty risotto with mushroom dish and Len had more spaghetti ($50.00… Coca Cola Normali was $7.50 for as Len called it, “A small shot glass!”)

By the time we made it back to Menaggio I was almost finished. If I could have had a tantrum, I would have….but it would have been more energy than I could muster. Even the trip to the silk outlet couldn’t revive my depleted energy. So I showered and went to bed….and that was just what I needed….not even a tiny glass of vino!

Today, a totally different scenario. We took the car ferry over the lake to Bellagio and had some quiet time….separately! No tiffs, just different interests beckoning. Len had the TIME OF HIS LIFE….of all things the Madonna di Ghisallo, the shrine for cyclists Len in front of the Madonna di Ghisallo is in the mountains above Bellagio! Also there the triathalon of Como where the competitors rode their bikes up and down the mountains with slopes in excess of 18%. He dropped me off ‘downtown’ where I immediately became restored by visiting the Gardens of the Villa Melzi and shopped around. The gardens were nearly empty and it was blissful. I purred. Anyone who knows me knows I have to recharge my batteries with silence and time out. Mother Nature can bring me out of a dark slump….so both of us equally happy, we met for a yummy lunch….we shared two different pasta dishes….a linguini with pesto, sundried tomatoes, caramelized onions, and mozzarella. The other dish, a rigatoni with a sauce of sundried tomatoes, almonds, and goat cheese. Daaaaaang, both were delizioso!

Wind for a hatWe ferried back to our side of the lake then took a quick (?) trip to Lugano, Switzerland by way of the liquor store. Very pretty and a fair sized city. The traffic was insane though going….coming home it wasn’t bad at all. So now we are back on our balcony having bread, cheese, tomatoes, salami, and marinated artichokes. I am once again interested in having a glass of wine!

Oh the weather is absolutely gorgeous today….actually a little nippy. No fans needed tonight.

In our neighborhood, there is a lovely old facility for children who have very special needs. We learned this from a local man who was sitting outside the gate. Whenever you pass the building you hear haunting moans and screams. It tears my heart out. It is a Catholic hospital….Nuns with lovely old-fashioned, white habits in the garden. Here in this incredible setting, more beautiful than anything I have seen and anguish. I feel obscenely self-indulgent. I pray for those in care and for the caretakers.


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