Monday, August 24, 2009: Beautiful Day to Say Goodbye Menaggio

Beautiful Day to Say Goodbye Menaggio

Villa Carlotta signOddly, Len and I have had a delightful last day in Menaggio….no stressing out at all. We left about 10:15 to go to see the Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo. It was built by a Milanese banker in 16something or another but passed on to Princess Marianne of Nassau, Albert of Prussia’s wife, who in turn gave it to her daughter, Carlotta for a wedding present! Lots of statuary of scantily dressed robust men (mostly wearing fig leaves)and full-figured women and some nicely furnished rooms….I really liked the 478 plaster cameo miniatures that served as souvenirs for those fine Italian gentry to who went on the Grand Tour. Very cool souvenirs. Best of all—the 14 acre gardens with all sorts of specimens….big collection of camellias, rhododendrons, and azaleas. Lots of cool shady places to duck into for a nice rest.

After the Carlotta visit, we parked in ‘upper’ Menggio for free parkingPost cards and walked into town for a nice pizza lunch followed up with the ever-popular Limoncello. Limoncello & other spirits I could get used to this. This was our first pizza and just right….I had mozzarella, ham, artichoke, and mushroom — not at all as heavy as what we get in the US with a thin crust such that it could be considered a cracker! AND, I had a cheap coke…only $4.50.

Now sitting in our ‘office’ again, doing a bit of packing for a very early departure tomorrow morning for the first leg back home. We fly from Milan to Munich, Munich to Paris. We stay overnight in the Paris Sheraton Airport Hotel, and then fly to Austin via Dallas on Wednesday morning.

I will have 3-4 hours in Munich airport where I intend to dump many Euros for novelties I do not need. I am quite taken with fashion necklaces I see LOTS of on cute young Italian women….very long necklaces….fashion trend that may hit Salado in a couple of years?

One of Len’s very dear crowns came off so he is eager to get to dentist Thursday morning before he looses it…..right now it is in a plastic bag next to the dollars in his wallet….this is being written so we won’t forget it! I have loosened one of my crowns too….think it is the wonderful chewy bread.

I do love this wonderful, quiet neighborhood and I would certainly come back – I wonder if G. Clooney would ever need a house sitter? So maybe more tomorrow from Paris or more from wonderful home!


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