San Miguel Day of the Dead Trip with Babs and Jackie

ParochiaBarbara Adams, Jackie Hoover, and I left at dawn this morning for San Miguel de Allende…my fifth trip. This time we did not got with St. Paul’s Anglican Church, but rather rented a very cool house using the Internet. Thank you Camie and Larry for the very good tip to use Casa Elegantes for the rental. Our house is very well situated…we are right across the street from Foy, 2 short blocks from St. Paul’s, and 5 blocks from the Jardin. Wow, what a cool house this is…sort of Mexican-Asian-Modern-New York! We are all pretty well settled in. Jackie and Babs generously let me have the super-suite as they think I made most of the arrangements…but it was nothing difficult…but I do love the suite! My room has a fireplace, a divine king-sized bed that is incredibly comfortable, and a vast Roman style shower….on and on.

We grabbed a snack then off to buy groceries at a mega store–called appropriately, Mega. It is much like a Super Target. We bought bottles and bottles of wine because we want to have a cocktail party. Barbara is cheerfully willing to cook breakfast for us so we filled the larder with breakfast food too.

Going to bed now!


One Response to “San Miguel Day of the Dead Trip with Babs and Jackie”

  1. OH, put on some photos of the house. I want to remember and admire it too…

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