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Quick Visit to see Mom, Baby David, and Bros. Bill

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Handsome nephew, David, is home from West Point. We think he is soooooo adult now…maybe I better quit calling him the Baby David. We just went down for the day to hear how he is doing…and he is magnificent. We are all so proud…you can see it in Bill’s face. He loooooooooovves his offspring! We stayed a couple of hours then hit favorite spots in SAT even though it was Black Friday. We made it home just before dark. Going to bed, fast!

DSC_7425 DSC_7431 DSC_7439 DSC_7444DSC_7452  DSC_7445

Thanksgiving 2009

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Is it over? Thanksgiving dinner here at the house with Lawsons, Nick Hatch, and the Dentons. DSC_7382 DSC_7394 DSC_7400 DSC_7401

DSC_7422 DSC_7413DSC_7364

Breakfast at Sierra Nevada on the Hill then home!

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breakfast Sierra Nevada on Hill Babs Breakfast out then “home” to wait for our driver to take us to Leon for our trip home. The driver was 30 minutes late, either drunk, drugged, or having an out of body experience. He talked NON stop and drove like a mad man. We were so happy to get to the airport. So will there be a next year? I am mad for San Miguel.

The days run together….

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Enchanted place. I don’t know that I will ever get to live here…but I do love escaping to SMdA. I am in a joyful zone as soon as I get into the city. We are still crazy about our house. Our housekeeper, Alicia, hasn’t had much to do…lucky for her that Barbara likes to cook for us.   DSC04409

Gayle Paulson, former hostess to Jackie and Barbara, took us to Santa Rosa to the pottery factory. She is opening a restaurant in her home and needed to get dishes. It was a successful outing with a DSC04467 superb lunch in a new restaurant in Santa Rosa. OMG, it was spectacular. Gayle’s restaurant will be a major hit. She lives in an exquisite house, also in the Balcones. She is beautiful, smart, and great fun.DSC04465 Jackie, Gayle, and Suz

Our last night…we were invited then uninvited to come by for a drink with the St Paul’s group….understandable but disappointing….annnnnnyway, we met Camie and Larry for dinner at Socialite and of course, it was fabulous. We adore them. Then home….David came by after the St Paul’s group broke up–just to let me know what I missed and surely not to rub it in….! So although, we missed the St Paul’s last get together, still a memorable evening. marigolds on bench Babs

Cocktails at our house

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Is it possible, after all this, we didn’t get a single photo of our soiree. We loved showing our spiffy house and welcoming SMdA friends, St Paul chums, and some strangers who are across the street staying in the same house with Foy. Jackie prepared a mean guacamole, Babs whipped up goat cheese crostini, and I replicated some olive balls we had the night before. Gay and Dennis brought us a bottle of vodka to soothe over the taxi debacle…very clever folks! We believe we had about 18 people…lots of fun.DSC04340

More grocery shopping and best of all a dinner party!

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I don’t know why I didn’t get pictures of the supermarket, Mega…we go there all the time. Babs has figured out the bakery and Jackie and I have figured out the wine department. After refining our cocktail party menu we zipped off to a DSC04446 wonderful evening with our SMdA friends. Gay and Dennis Mayfield graciously entertained us for dinner in their divine home in the balcones…In attendance, Camie & Larry Sands, Foy Du Bois, David Stone, and of course, the three of us.

I was wired and way over-stimulated. But happy. DSC04447

Bussssssssssy Social Butterflies

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DSC04377 Jackie went to Guanajuato with St. Paul’s DOD group…so Babs and I were forced to shop and prowl around town looking for treasures, tasty treats, and photo ops. I am so crazy about this photo but I think they are there all the time waiting for their National Geographic moment of fame. At any rate, they are cute…too bad I couldn’t get their horses in the photo.

We zipped over to the St Paul’s masked cocktail party just long enough for JackieDSC04415 to see the house and for a glass of wine. We did get a moment with Fr. Michael, David Stone, and my favorite waiter, Xavier, before rushing off to Bella Italia. We met our friend, Camie, for dinner, drinks, and the very 82-year-old-cute Doc Severinson show. We did have a nice day…..DSC04425