The days run together….

Enchanted place. I don’t know that I will ever get to live here…but I do love escaping to SMdA. I am in a joyful zone as soon as I get into the city. We are still crazy about our house. Our housekeeper, Alicia, hasn’t had much to do…lucky for her that Barbara likes to cook for us.   DSC04409

Gayle Paulson, former hostess to Jackie and Barbara, took us to Santa Rosa to the pottery factory. She is opening a restaurant in her home and needed to get dishes. It was a successful outing with a DSC04467 superb lunch in a new restaurant in Santa Rosa. OMG, it was spectacular. Gayle’s restaurant will be a major hit. She lives in an exquisite house, also in the Balcones. She is beautiful, smart, and great fun.DSC04465 Jackie, Gayle, and Suz

Our last night…we were invited then uninvited to come by for a drink with the St Paul’s group….understandable but disappointing….annnnnnyway, we met Camie and Larry for dinner at Socialite and of course, it was fabulous. We adore them. Then home….David came by after the St Paul’s group broke up–just to let me know what I missed and surely not to rub it in….! So although, we missed the St Paul’s last get together, still a memorable evening. marigolds on bench Babs


One Response to “The days run together….”

  1. Gayle’s restaurant is just the talk of the town. Larry and I will head up there this weekend – and to think you did and saw it all first. You have a place in our hearts here in SMdeA and you know that.

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