Quick Trip to Colorado Springs

About 6 months ago I received notice that the Broadmoor Hotel was having a DSC04529 half price sale…so as a frugal consumer I sent the call out to fair fellow travelers to see if there was any interest in a spa retreat. The rest is Snowing Broadmoor history. Barbara, Jackie, Susan H., and I made a quick visit to Jackie Kennedy’s favorite hotel–so my mother tells me. We had lovely rooms in the old Tower. Hmmmmm, in a nutshell: We did spa activities on DSC04492Tuesday–some that sound questionable…Broadmoor Bliss and Vibraderm service–all part of a package called Girls Gone Spa! I assure you, it is all about 6c1e5ee2316d98fcsounding evocative!

Wednesday the weather was frezzzzzzzzing but we put on happy faces and did a tourista outing to Garden of the Gods and Historic Colorado Springs before heading back to the hotel to avoid the snow and deep freeze of 4 F! So we took over the Mezzanine lobby where we took


naps, read books, and drank hot chocolate. The best, of course, are the impossible to describe belly laughs and deeeeeeep conversations about travel, opportunities, clothing, politics, make up, favorite jobs, fears, etc. DSC04513 DSC04500 DSC04521 DSC04522 Now home and trying to figure out what opportunity next. Life is good.SE3V4N79


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