Brookshire Brothers Grand Opening and Book Club

Apparently last night I crashed the Grand Opening of our new Brookshire Brothers grocery store…not at all unlike the couple from Florida who crashed the White House dinner for the Indian Prime Minister. I just didn’t know I was crashing it….good will and all. And I DO NOT want to be on reality TV! Anyway, I went, accepted a long stemmed rose and recycle bag, proceeded to smooze, snack on divine appetizers and drink, and admired the lovely store. Later when I was at book club, the chums were all incensed that I was invited and they were not…come to find out Len told me about the opening when he came back from Rotary–the mayor told everyone to come! So there, girls. Does this tell you about our simple, village life?

I looooooooove my book club. We met last night for our Holiday Soiree…at Jean’s house…and I might add beautifully decorated. We proposed books for the coming year, haggled DSC04544 over selections, ate, drank, and laughed like loons! The weather was frightful–foggy and cold–of course, I was discombobulated going home!


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