Here is what I do….to include more happy hour photos

I get to go to San Antonio every month….I hope that doesn’t sound…hmmm, what? I don’t necessarily like to GO but I love to be there with Mom, while I have her. She is so frail, and I imagine just like I will be some day. I don’t like it. I think I love her more than I can ever say to anyone. She is me. I am her…we are shared DNA. I can never be good enough to be her daughter. I want to be just like her and I am totally not her. I wonder if people ever get a handle on who they are in relation to their parents? So, I have to stop with this. I will publish this knowing I can take it off in a minute.


I put up a Christmas tree for her and decorated it with the lemons off her little but mighty Myers Lemon Tree…very prolific little tree. DId a little shopping for her, went to dinner with her and our friend, Betty, then off to Austin to get the car serviced and serious hair job from dear Edward. I came home and collapsed on the sofa for sweet dreams of nothingness then serious once- monthly happy hour.

Happy Hour Commentary: Tonight Susan and Bill were holding vigil at their Christmas tree farm so they weren’t there….in attendance, Becky & Bob, John, Joann, and Joann’s brother,Bud, from OK, Dear Tom Normand, Susan and Mike Shobe, off to Dublin in a week, John and Kerry, and new chums (meaning we met them tonight), Gretchen and Dennis __?___. I love the first two photos…the different expressions on the gal’s faces….might tell the real truth about the story being told…whatever it was! We had a lovely time..too much fun actually. I believe Gretchen (in last photo, giving John an attack of hilarity) invited me to learn how to do steer castration…and I believe I might like it! It has never been on my life list but I think NOW is the time to add it.




What are the implications? I am 63-years-old….and I am seriously thinking about my grandparents at 63…were they like I am NOW? Surely not. I want to get it.

Photo of dashboard means NOTHING! IMG_0513 Or is it art? Well, maybe we should have a contest to see what it could mean!


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