I am placing a self-imposed moratorium on adding to existing collections of beauty aids, objects de art, and jewelry! No kidding.

Is it possible? Can I do this? YES, I am strong and capable…I will mange my excesses. I will NOT buy one more kaleidoscope, vest, magical facial serum, doll house furniture, shawl, jewelry, fabric, hat, CD, cocktail napkin, tablecloth, etc. I CAN do this.

Seedy doll house, aka Katy Sue’s Social Club still sits in the living room. Len occasionally asks what he can do with it when I die. He isn’t too subtle.

Cats have been in the house and knocked things over! Grrrrr. A play on my name Catherine Susan for the brothel! As Madam, I have the finest room! THE Banker in my office! Cee and her cowboy...how seedy! Katy Sue's kitchenPam asked to be in the bubble tub...


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