Bummer…Carol is sick and they can’t come!

This is horrid…Carol is having a super-sized, foot-long (my description) kidney stone removed as I write this. They were supposed to get here last night but she had to be transported by ambulance to Boston, then admitted into the hospital, then blessedly attached to morphine…I will call her room in a bit to see if it is done or when it will be done. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she bounces back from this quickly…from all accounts, it is wretchedly painful . Add to that– Boston had 20″ snow or were supposed to…Maybe they will be able to come before tax season starts…

We were going to go to Big Bend for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for Cowboy Action Shooting…the Buckaroo Package…loooooove the name, don’t you? Len and I don’t want to do this without them…I mean, really, Yankees would make the event so much more entertaining. Of course, Carol does have her license to carry and shoots like Annie Oakley, what with her preparation for some kind of national take over! I adore her! So not to go off on another story, Len and I will drive down to Mom’s Christmas Eve for dinner and come back home Christmas Day. Mom will like this.

Tonight was the ‘meet and greet Carol & Al’ happy hour here at the house…we will still do all but the meet and greet part. I have the mango-bourbon pulled pork simmering and the cole slaw made…Len is buying more wine which is unnecessary since we have TONS of wine but he enjoys being over-stocked (?)!

Yesterday I went ‘up’ to Eddy, TX to Foy’s annual Christmas Open House/Soiree. It was very Southern Living and he was/is charming and the perfect host. I was Foy's Christmas 2009 SoireeElegant of course! Foy's Folly where he naps! Foy, Ken and Mrs. Harding

full of joy and gratitude to get to see Calvin and Julia Whatley. Julia and I taught at Temple High together ions ago. Calvin also retired from TISD as a principal. He is so precious…he told me he wore his Dillard’s cologne just in case I was there. Favorites: Julia & Calvin Whatley Now, THAT is a compliment. I am putting it in a compliment jar…not that I have one but it just came to me and so when I am feeling bleak, I will pull one out for recollection. Yes, that IS what I am going to do. I may make people look at them with me! Now that is pitiful and needy!


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