Meet and Greet Holiday 2009 Happy Hour without Guests of Honor!!!!

Picture1We do know how to have a good time…and what is it we talk about with such fervor and intensity? Barbara replicated the very deeeeeeelicious, Broadmoor Yo No Mo Cosmo as evidenced in photos. She is not only the best breakfast cook ever but the best bar tender! Pulled pork makes me popular with men, yes, possibly a dubious distinction! In attendance in alpha order: Babs and Gordon Adams, Becky and Bros. Bob Denton, Susan and Bros. Bill Lawson, Jeremy Lawson, darling film producer, Joann and John Milican, Sarah Mackey and Tom Normand, and Shelly Smith and Tom McMaster.

DSC04623.JPGDSC_7837.JPG DSC04627.JPG  DSC_7830.JPG DSC_7848.JPG

DSC04618.jpg DSC_7834.JPG DSC_7833.JPG

DSC_7843.JPG DSC04624.JPG DSC_7839.JPG

Missing and sorely missed: Carol and Al Esposito. Carol had her mega stone removed earlier in the day!! I just called the hospital and she was RELEASED yesterday but she is not answering her phone…GADS, I hope she isn’t out shopping!  

It all came together nicely….I played Mah Jongg in the early afternoon so I had it all down to easy assembly when I came home. Len was incredibly helpful…I am trying very hard to remember to tell what–not how. He is responding nicely!  


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