An Exxxxxxxceptional Christmas!

Most years I am considered the Christmas Grinch–but imagine this? I had a great holiday in spite of the disappointment of not having Carol & Al here! Maybe I just didn’t have time to get in a snit! We met Dentons, plus Sarah, Jay, and Baby Pete as well as Lawsons plus Jeremy for breakfast Christmas Eve morning. Len suggested this be a Christmas tradition for all in town…I think it is the 3rd time we have done it so I guess it is a tradition. It was very nice and,at las–t maybe, I will have a real Christmas tradition!

Annnnyway, we left from the Stagecoach Inn coffee shop…leaving cats in for overnight. Teresa was here to clean up the house when we left. So off to SAT…Mom was at the ‘beauty parlor’ so we just putzed about…Bros. Bill had a new plan for dinner which captivated me….He was giving up experimental turkey cookery! No more unique brine blends… YES! With that challenge out of the way, Len and I ran amok…we went to Central Market to get Mom her cranberry orange scones, blitzed the major bike shop plus North Str Mall just in case there was a DEAL, and best of all went in to Shades of Green Nursery to do a surprise attack on Ed and Roberta. We try to get there every year in time for their open house, wine, and sausage gift…complete with lewd comments from Ed…who is my former boyfriend

Marital bliss!

from 1969-71, married the BEST woman alive….evidenced by the fact that he is still alive. Ed, as many of you know, served as groomsman at our wedding, arranged for our honeymoon in light of Len being in Germany, and hosted Len for the week prior to wedding. I must have been NUTS. At any rate, Len and Ed admire each other endlessly….Ed tells him every year, “Damn, I am glad YOU married her instead of me”. Humph. Roberta and I talk a lot about marriage when we get the chance!

Then on to Mom’s. How is it that it was so good after all these years? David was always darling … I think it was the “small bird” business that Mom put Mary and me through…whipping up everyone’s favorite dish they ever ate and us hating it. Now we have it though. We each ordered exactly what we wanted from Alexander’s and Billy and David picked it up. Most of us enjoyed prime rib…Len, the exception, with a Christmas cheeseburger! It was marvelously easy to assemble and disassemble….Mary and I vote for this method forever! We spent the rest of Christmas Eve being the Maynor-Krals family. Because Baby David is majoring in Russian at West Point, everything was Russian….I mean everything….soft drinks, tea, vodka, stories, etc.

I will attach random photos….Christmas morning….I slept until 9 in the other guest bed room since Len was in a major snore mode….We had a great morning, snacking on scones, and sausage biscuits…No church this year…. Mom loved all the conversations although she had no idea what we were saying unless we SCREAMED at her….she is the most precious, dear generous woman. We are so blessed.

DSC_7856iPhone Frenzy! Grandma with iPhone!SCAN0013 sc00121bbf

sc00297d75Uncle Butch and Baby David!   DSC04648 Bill with new interest...Russia! DSC04645 DSC_8133IMG_0526 DSC_8147  


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