I am at least two-thirds like this…

The other one-third is the manic me…plunging into the great, depths of the unknown!She was cautiously optimistic.JPG

The original is by Lisa Montag Brotman. I have a giclee I bought in South Carolina….it is sitting proudly in my office to remind me of who I want to be all the time– Cautiously Optimistic!

We spent a day out and about–no church. Started by throwing caution totally to the wind and eating obscene amounts of food at IHOP for breakfast. Then zipped over to Whole Foods then immediately over to the Apple Store. Len needed to get one of the computer keys replaced again where one of the cute cats had popped it off the keyboard. While there some extravagances were thrown in…Len a new phone and for me a nice Bose docking station for the phone/iPod. We are rotten.

With little time to spare, we made it back to Georgetown to see Up in the Air. I thought it was supposed to be funny! The Huffington Post said that, the movie is about an “…unsatisfied George Clooney (who) by turns (is) debonair and aware of his own shallowness. He’s a 21st-century libertine who winds up endorsing 20th-century family values of loyalty and commitment”. Also, the movie is a “snarky take on conventional morality”. I guess. I was fairly depressed.


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