Happy New Year 2010!

I didn’t make a single resolution….that’s a first for me. In fact, I don’t think I even considered resolutions until I was walking today. Oh well.


Len and I  went to Music in Salado’s New Years Gala…. usually they have a Christmas soiree but this year it was very different and very pleasant. photos show the masked theme….I enjoyed a great deal of champagne and the program was wonderful. I hope they do it again next year…if yes, I will see if Adrian of SMdA will make me a mask or buy something bizarre somewhere. Just what I need, a mask….   

DSC_8175.JPGDSC_8196.JPG  DSC_8184 DSC_8185DSC_8238


DSC_8162 DSC_8270 DSC_8168

We were home by 9:00–then after midnight I went out to take some pictures of the ‘Blue Moon’ that were very unimpressive. For no good reason Len and I stayed up until 2:30…unheard of in this household. Then I didn’t get up until 9:00 then twitted about doing stuff. I went to still another movie, What Happened to the Morgan’s? Nothing I would recommend. What I DID do is go on a short, 3-mile walk in Georgetown along the San Gabriel river.

I am a dull girl for 2010. Len has already turned in and it is just 7:30!


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