Odd choice for ‘Wilding’

Sometime ago young hooligans in NY’s Central Park went on rampages….it was called ‘wilding’….acts of reckless abandon. I am there. I had my hair cut barely on my way to do Mom-care in SAT. So, I am always commiserating with Edward, King-of-hair on most everything…his specialty besides hair and make up…my clothes and decorating. We get a lot done during hair care. Annnnnyway, in the course of a conversation regarding masks he sent me to a verrrrrry interesting shop called The Bazaar…which specializes in masks as well as stripper outfits! Off I went. I bought 3 masks after sending Edward 9 photo emails.I am sick. DSC_8403

When I got to Mom’s, I told her, “Mom, I need therapy”. Good Mother said, “Honey I don’t think you need therapy”. Then I showed her the masks….then she said, “Well honey, maybe you DO need therapy”! But it is sooooo pretty. Maybe I can wear it with the dirndl! Good friend Max suggests I participate in RAW wrestling program! Surely because of mask not my size!!!

I had the best of times in SAT. Brother Bill and I are starting to like each other not just love each other. We actually went to a Russian grocery store to replenish Len’s vodka infused chocolates, purchase David of West Pt with a Russian primer, then out to lunch! Never before!

Today I went to Fr. Howard Castleberry’s ordination–The Bishop of the Diocese of the Church of Pakistan was there and gave the sermon. Very interesting! Len sick with something respiratory so he didn’t go, then when I came home I did a 5 mile walk. It was literally freezing last night and today with a low of 10F…the fountains in back of house were memorable.DSC_8399

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