I love busy, busy, busy: Mink, opéra bouffe, and tea preparations!

I just wrote Mom a letter–she cannot hear on the phone any more at all…so it is kind of fun to write like we used to do in the old days….also listening to Ol’, cute Rod Stewart belt out As Time Goes By with Queen Latifah…….It is foggy, damp, and kind of cold so a fire is required, the room smells like my white on white bouquet…baby’s breath and stock…and I am eating a reduced fat peanut butter sandwich for a reason…sort of lucky me.


Yesterday Jackie and I went to Austin for an outing…Initially the purpose was to go to an Austin Lyric Opera lecture about Emmanuel Chabrier’s The Star…our next opera on Feb 5th. Hmmm, I am getting ahead of myself. That was the purpose of the trip, but we also took our Mom’s furs to a fur place to see if we wanted to have them remade…it is all pretty complicated. Who knew that the sex of the mink made a difference? We didn’t! The salesman served us wine…well the rest is history for me….there is a reason I don’t drink during the day…I can’t self-regulate! I may have a new coat. A deposit with a promise of 100% satisfaction and I can look like Bess Meyerson! Anyone remember her? bessbeforeSo anyway, Feb 5th when we go to see The Star, I will try on the coat…naturally it had to be ‘let out’, a lousy euphemism I think. From the furrier we did a bit more girl wilding at Julian Gold’s then to Stephanie’s condo….oh what a lucky young woman. She is precious, smart, funny, and lives in a swanky condo! Finally, we went to the lecture. Very disappointing. Too many people, uncomfortable chairs, stale potato chips, and a little too much enthusiasm for what I suspect will be a disappointing operetta….l wonder if I will know?! I read tonight that Chabrier was king of opéra bouffe….cool words, yes? I hope I can work them into a lot of conversations…it is bound to make me sound clever!!! The best part of Emmanuel is that he was the father of musicals, as we know them, and ran around with THE Impressionists…when he died he owned paintings by Monet, Manet, Sisley, Degas, Cezanne, etc. Oh, he died of syphilis AND tuberculosis at 53!

Len ordered me a new GIANT digital screen scale….isn’t that sweet? The read out is 7″x4″ so I can see it. Oh sad information. I thought I was huge on the old scale and this one weighs 3 pounds more….will be necessary to walk to El Paso for calorie burning.

Len helped me print up the invitations for the cordial/tea Shelley and I will have the end of February. I was really dreading it since I have NO skills when it comes to printers. He was totally on top of it…and also became a hero by helping me do my taxes for Texas Comptroller for the almost defunct Dry Creek Herb Farm. I only had to send Texas $30.00! I think I will just can the business part and do the veggies. Friend, Belinda wrote today a call for any of her friends that might want to adopt an olive tree….very clever girl! She plants the orchard, her friends harvest the olives and party too!

Today, sweet Dacien, Dentist Extraordinaire, hammered away to get my loose (so I thought) crown off, then hammered it back on! I must have medicinal brandy to take the edge off, I think. Dacien says that he and darlin’ Netsy, best wife in the world, may come to SMdA next year with me for the Dia de Muertos. I know if they go, they will buy a house there.

Time to address tea invitations—



One Response to “I love busy, busy, busy: Mink, opéra bouffe, and tea preparations!”

  1. We DID have quite a day! Wouldn’t trade it–or you!

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