Working means you have to ‘clean up’!

One of the nicest things about working is that you get to ‘clean up’! By working part time I can and should fix my hair, put on a bit of lip gloss or, in my case, a lot of make up; dig out the accessories, polish shoes, etc. It can be very invigorating….I have been in the office two days in a row and leave tomorrow for FL to work the Guard and Reserve Conference. I will be in the exhibit hall advancing the Military Child Education Coalition’s (MCEC) materials, actively and deliberately meeting attendees with the intent to make money for the organization. DSC_8430 I love MCEC for the high-minded work they do for military families. If MCEC was around in the OLDEN days I would have had a more fluid and productive academic history. Getting into graduate school is hard enough…especially if you never had high school algebra or any other math but one semester of geometry! In addition to what the organization does for families, I also adore the people who work for and with MCEC. I mean these are reeeeeeeeeeealllllly interesting people. There isn’t a dull person in the whole network!

For the past two days I have been with Sally and Zoe as they train new volunteers to be trainers for the Transition Counselor Institute I….Currently, I am THE COACH for new trainers….it is just up my alley….I love to help educators be more effective. Jackie, Eartha, and Sandra, all friends and former KISD administrators are in the training so it was even more fun.

So tomorrow Len will be whistlin’ a happy tune as he pops my suitcase in the car and whisks me off to the Austin airport. He tells me that the first thing he does when I leave is ‘tidy up’ and get rid of all evidence of my girley stuff and projects. Sort of sounds like what I do when he leaves…which does not happen much any more!

So after a visit with Cee in Longboat Key and Stephanie and Sarge in the Villages, I will be in Orlando until the 28th. I will try to do the blog from my iPhone…something I just learned to do…darn that tiny key board makes it kind of tough though.


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