With Cee on Longboat Key…

I had a happy, happy visit with Cee, Darby, and Tess! Thank you MCEC for needing my services in Florida so I could squeeze in visits with dearest friends left on earth!DSC04672 It was awesome to go to a St. Armand book store—and right by the door was a large display of Cee’s book, Letters to Lee! Maddie Lee and Jim would be so pleased AND proud of her for all she has given this. The book is wonderful and I know it will make a big hit! Cee and I enjoyed some of my Longboat Key favorites–the Columbia restaurant for Cuban black bean soup, walks, picking grapefruit and limes right outside the lanai, girlie shopping, and cocktails. Of course, the best of all–the laughter! Cee and I have known each other since 1962! Little did we know all those years ago in Germany, that our friendship would stand the test of time. Stephanie came down from The Villages to pick me up…and had the opportunity to admire Cee’s beautiful home and fantastic view.DSC04746

DSC04763 After lunch at Cee’s favorite pub, Steph and I headed north!



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