Steph and Sarge…Winter Park…and The Villages Revisited

I think this is my 4th visit to The Villages…this is the most interesting of places….Margaret Mead would go nuts studying this culture. Seven championship golf courses and hundreds, literally, of specialty activities designed for retired couples….like Stephanie says it is adult Disney Land!


We toddled around in the golf cart (not shown!), talked about men, decorating, children, parents, friends, body fat, etc. DSC04849 We always solve the big issues with champagne and serious laughter. I will never need to pay for a shrink as long as I have Stephanie! Then there is Sarge, who is in his own right, one of my very best man friends….We like to keep him unsure of what we are talking about…or does he really care? He is happiest when he is out golfing, playing soft ball and pickle ball, and going to movies, oh, and of course, joining us for a pajama party at night!DSC04856 He is a fine bar tender and has the patience of Job! In addition, the funniest man I know… who also, just happens to be the king of grammar and wordsmithing! Not bad for an old Mainer!

Stephanie took me to Orlando to find my very first home…where my parents took me 63 years ago and after that we spent the night in Winter Park in order to spend some of our travel money we put in every month. We went to the Morse Museum to admire the largest Louis Comfort Tiffany collection and damn, to shop some more. Everything I bought was 50% off: artsy eye glasses, earrings, and a verrrrrry dramatic scarf

Tiffany window.jpg DSC04805  

Tiffany Morse Museum Ticket.jpg


DSC04842 DSC04833


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