On being confused and being home, thank goodness! AND 39th annivesary!

I have been gone tooooo long. My flight from DFW was cancelled and then rescheduled because of bad weather so I didn’t get back to Austin until about 9:00 pm. It was a ride from hell. I employed all my anti-screaming diversions…counting from 50 backwards and chanting the multiplication tables (NO EASY FEAT FOR ME)! Thank goodness for drugs.

Len is such a saint….I KNOW he hated waiting around the airport. He had been gone all day so it must have made him nuts but he kept his chin up! So home at last in blinding rain to see fat cats and lots of catalogs in the mail bin.

Yesterday, did many errands….So here I am today….not as bomblasted as I was the first day home…just too many adventures in a short period of time. I actually walked this afternoon and recommitted to serious weight loss. Poor Len….this was our 39th anniversary and I stayed in my PJs till 2:00 pm. How decadent is that? I asked him if he thought I looked anything like Julia Roberts. He laughed seriously. Later he cheerfully ran errands for me and assured me he wants to keep me! I was the big winner though…I gave him the biggest anniversary card but his was the sweetest! Tomorrow church and buddies coming over to do tea party planning.


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