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This week I had my first genuine skin tear….

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This cinches it…. I am tossing my stainless steel and using the silver flatware for everyday. I am on the downward spiral as Dr. Vic describes it. Damn. I just read about skin tears and fragile, elderly skin….the article also covered bed sores. Yikes. I am going to let ‘er rip while I can.

Done. Tea Party is over–it was very nice, very fun, and very over!

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Whew. As expected all the pomp and circumstance, fluff, and much ado was well received and as soon as the gals hit the door I went on auto pilot. It was really hard to keep from getting bottle necked in front of Fidel’s Cordial Bar. He was a big hit and so were the liqueurs…DSC05047 we could have made one pot of tea! We also had way too much food…but the girls were pleased to dress up, see polished silver, visit, and hear a cellist. I think we had about 50 get here; a few called at the last minute, and some didn’t call at all. It was freezing so the two fireplaces were popular too. Len took lots of photos and I took some but none really turned out…it is hard to take pictures inside because of the back light. Teresa is a fantastic helper….I am glad it is behind us….now ready for next adventure.

DSC_8617 DSC_8612 DSC_8668 DSC_8664

DSC_8672 DSC_8640

Tea Party Preparations, Lunch with Adored Chumettes, and THE Tea Party at last!

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This week has been all tea preparations, as if THE Queen herself would be attending! And as a sidebar statement, I still think THE Queen is pretty even with her handbags…although Lou Ann Wadley disagrees vehemently. OK, back to preparations. So… silver polished, skin polished, toes painted, brows plucked, clothes purchased, china & silver highjacked, petit fours and finger sandwiches catered, flowers arranged, linen starched, cordials purchased, and darjeeling brewed! AND I mean brewed. The proprietress at Middleton’s Tea Shop told us to do it ahead and then keep it hot in crock pots….ok…but the brewing had me soooo spooked. Precious Shelley, co-hostess and long-time drinker of fine teas, did the brewing. Thank you God.

I had a spontaneous lunch with little, biddy, armpit friends (called that because they are sooo tiny they fit under my arms), Lolly and Nina. I never get to see them enough and it was good to just have the 3 of us there so we could pick each other’s brainsDSC05034…. Shelley came over Thursday night and we pulled it all together….DSC05040

To me, any house-held event is an occasion to get everything fixed and prettyfied that is normally in shambles…this means getting windows washed, porches power cleaned, new bedding (should someone peak), new chair for bath vanity, new curtains, new UV shades, and the dirt road re-grated. Len doesn’t get it. I should have had a tummy tuck but couldn’t get Len to see how it tied to having a tea party!

Speaking of Len….he is reallllly scaring me. He is being helpful with limited fits. He did balk and carrying out the dining room chairs to the garage until I told him that Shelley’s husband, Tom, polished her silver. That squelched his temporary bitterness. So, he has said he will be the photographer….this is nice. AND he decided on his own to wear LONG pants and a dress shirt. He even wanted to wear a tie….but I nixed that….too much of a good thing, I think.


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DSC04995This is the goofiest weather…72 F one day and snow the next. Although absolutely gorgeous and novel, it sure has interfered with my tea preparation plans and hair appointments. Fortunately I had enough warning, but still can hardly believe it, I was able to get Len to scratch his plans and take me to Austin…for hair…that is remarkable. Good Yankee that he is with lots of snow driving experience–he is so much more confident behind the wheel than I am. DSC05004 I did notice, however, that he does speak aloud his intentions….maybe like self-talk. Things like, “Always leave 3 car lengths between you and the car ahead of you”, “Never drive behind a trailer truck”, “Never slam on your brakes”, “Always maintain steady pressure on the acceleratorDSC05010 “, etc. It kind of made me nuts. I didn’t want to be nervous and I consider him the pro….I hope he wasn’t trying to teach me how to do it right! Anyway……I think we have had about 4” which is a LOT!   

So thanks to Len’s great snow driving skills we arrived in Austin with sufficient time to get to Whole Foods, Central Market, and the Container Store before getting to Edward for hair miracles! Then home again….most of the snow seemed to be in Georgetown with giant flakes…or so we thought till we came home…very pretty….I took some photos on my way to have a pedicure while Len took 3 of my portrait photographs to the Temple Cultural Activities Center for the Barclay Art Show.

After getting Trashy-Girl-Red toes, I spent a few hours re-working the urns in the dining room. The black painted branches look rather striking against the terra-cotta wall. WHY am I doing this? I AM out of control….I want the tea to be over. I have the same pit in my stomach I would get before January 30th. I told Len this and he just looked blankly at me….then I realized he was thinking of our anniversary, January 30th, and I was thinking of our giant, uber, mega, district-wide professional development for all 5,000+ employees. Different perspectives! Back to the tea: I think we have about 60 anticipated now so maybe it will really mean about 50.

DSC04998 DSC05027

Tom’s Oyster Fest…I hope it is an annual event!

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I came home Saturday by way of Austin so I could get a couple of pounds of chocolates infused with vodka for Len and some art supplies for me so I can make some more transparencies…then what I wonder?

Home just in time to whip up some tartar sauce for Tom’s FebRuaRy Oyster Fest. Seems that if you buy oysters in months with two R’s you won’t die of food poisoning. Seems right to me. At any rate, I ate my very first raw oyster last night and about 10 cooked oysters. Susan and Becky were Toms sous chefs…Becky made delicious fried oysters….Ok, so here
is what we had: DSC04957 DSC04967

Tequila-Oyster Shots, Oysters on the Half Shell, Oysters with Garlic and Feta Cheese, Oysters in Champagne Sauce, Oysters Rockefeller, and Fried Oysters…oh, and yummy rice….served with lots of divine Cooks’s Champagne. Nummmmmmy. My Dad and I used to eat smoked oysters and I still just love the smell of them…all that luscious, smoky oil!

DSC04977 DSC04956 DSC04966DSC04975  DSC04984

A quick trip to San Antonio and Learning at the McNay Art Institute

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Monday Max and I did housework! He helped me hang curtains and pictures. We LOVE Max!DSC_8541

After getting red ‘lowlights’ from precious Edward, I drove like the wind to SAT, I went straight to Mom’s so I could fix her hair then get us (Mom, Betty, and me) to the Neiman Marcus Cafe where beautiful, smart Belinda treated us to lunch. Betty and Mom just adore her and hang on her every word….I love to see them with her. My claim to fame is that she is my friend! Mom had a hard time hearing anything….I must remember to put her in the middle of the booth. This was the first time Mom asked me to order for her. It sort of shocked me…glad I did though because she liked having an appetizer in terms of size. Usually she can’t eat half of what she orders. It was looooovely.

As soon as I got the ‘girls’ home, I tried on my new slacks and top for their approval…so I guess I can wear it to the tea. There was a time when Mom and Betty would have loved coming up for any big event and especially a tea party. No more. I even think Betty is slowing down. This depresses me a lot.

RIght after Betty went home, I went to the McNay for my Educators Night! Wow, I was so impressed….the sessions were based on the two current exhibits….American Beauty: DSC04989 DSC04990 Pictorialism & Impressionism. I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t dinner first…and wine too…then to our selected two sessions. I went to a session on making acrylic lifts which I learned to do in 1965 at SWTSU….new products but the process is more or less the same.DSC04945 I have to think of what I will do with the transparencies I make…the other class was about the 4th dimension in photography. I really liked both sessions and I met some very interesting people…I sat next to a woman who is a retired psychologist from Alamo Heights who is a mediator now…and she worked for years with former boy friend, Ed Churchin! Imagine that for a small world?

I spent the rest of the time doing errands for Mom…I did see Billy for a while…borrowed lots of cups and saucers from Mom, as well as, more silver trays for the tea!

Mom says it best….it is either feast or famine!

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This week has just zipped by….I think I like to be busy but sometimes I just obsessively say yes and then I am ‘fweaky’ because I have too much on my plate. I had a nice time at Emmy Alvarez’s retirement lunch at Adelea’s Restaurant. It was just the library staff, Board, and Emmy’s husband. I like Emmy so much and it will be a loss to have her gone.

Right before hand, Becky and I picked up Marilyn Hoster so we could all go to Diane Delisi’s Valentine Coffee. Marilyn has Macular Degeneration and yet has not slowed down at all. She bustles around at full speed and never misses a beat. Well, she often mistakes people but she does it with her usual charm and grace. I hope I can be just like her if I am ever so incapacitated. Back to the coffee. It is lovely….I don’t really know many of the women that attend with the exception of Becky, Susan, and Marilyn. There are a few acquaintances but not many that I know well.

Other big news for the week…Dennis Ray and Terry Crain have been here measuring and estimating what it will take to put UV protective screens on the front windows and new wall paper in the guest bath…

I had a HORRID experience on Friday, the 12th with the manager at Koslow’s. It is so awful and I just don’t have the passion to relate the entire sequence of events. Suffice it to say, he loathes me enough that he screamed at me for about 10 minutes. I apologized in vain for my perceived insensitivity. I have learned a hearty life lesson about candor and humor and what I need to do when my inner rudder points me in a direction. Bottom line is that I did not buy a coat. Seems pretty stupid to give some one $5,000, Mom’s $10,000 coat, get a coat that doesn’t fit, and have the manager scream at me.

So happy hour with buddies is always nice. Joann presented me with the wonderful painting I had coveted since seeing it first in Mexico. She copied it but used our faces and a few other modifications. I adore it and have it proudly displayed in my den. I even took it to church Sunday so she could sign it! DSC04922

DSC04932  Sunday afternoon we went to a Music in Salado event…the Texas Boys Choir. They were great!  


Beautiful day — happy activities

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At last gorgeous weather….blue skies and sun and yet reeeeeeeeally cold! I should have worn that new coat…I said I was going to wear it with jeans and for everyday wear….maybe I will go to the Redneck Hot Rod Mud Bog and wear it. That will be the real test of wearing comfort! I had the most ernest plans to walk but I just didn’t get home in time and it would have interfered with the glorious nap I enjoyed. There may be nothing better or decadent than napping. I am glad I avoid that wonderful/awful habit because it screws up my circadian clock and I stay up all night then sleep late and on an on.   

DSC04914So this morning I helped judge the 4H Bell County Youth Fair Livestock Show…clothing construction. I loved it. It seems it has been ages since I did something with total confidence…I knew exactly what to do and why I was doing it. Those kids did great work…even those little projects that were short on perfection…I admire anyone who will try something new and stretch. DSC04913 AND while I was there I saw two former KISD colleagues….Betty Gilmore and Jerry Lewis…that was nice too.  

Book club tonight at Karin’s–Len is at Salado High School watching the last of the girl’s basketball for the season. He and Brother DentOn are very loyal fans for all Salado HS athletics.

There is a gorgeous sunset going on now and 5 fat deer in the front yard.

Glooooooooomy Day

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Max came this morning to do inside work with me…this drapery dilemma is taxing all of us. Len loves Max for doing projects with me…so much easier for him and no risk of uxoricide (new word just learned: killing one’s wife).

Still more rain….this is so much like Germany and equally as depressing. Len can’t get out to play golf or ride his bike and it is making him totally stir crazy and I am suffering from light deprivation, I think. Plus I am just plain slow witted. I have been trying to explain what I believe are simple concepts to Len all day–it has been maddening and really funny too. He is so darned bored and so willing to run errands for me then when he gets to the errand location texts and calls repeatedly for clarification. No matter how I explained anything he didn’t get it. Come to find out it wasn’t him but rather I was the lousy communicator. Well, part of the time anyway. DSC04911 Finally tonight we really got tickled when the two of us, over-educated and still obviously not too smart, had a heck of a time figuring out how much fabric would be needed to make a round table cloth. What with his Math and Engineering degrees and my Home Economics degree, one would think we could have done this in our heads….but ohhhhhh no. It became so convoluted that we had to resort to math manipulatives! In this case, a paperweight represented the round table and two pieces of toilet tissue represented fabric sold from a bolt. We really did have a good laugh about it all and subsequently, I decided it was easier to buy a table cloth on line than to send him off to a fabric store! How many men would even go do that kind of thing, I wonder?

Played some Mah Jongg today but didn’t win a single game but still had a good time. Tomorrow I am helping to judge 4H projects at the Bell EXPO center and book club tomorrow night at Karin’s house…reviewing The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.

A Commentary on Emotional Rehabilitation

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I have hit on THE idea of a life time. Hit on it by wandering through Len’s den while he had a radical, crazy, far right, FOX news show going on the TV. Here is the idea. I am going to start taking Mickey and Morris on outings….They will, of course, need to be harness-trained. They will wear specially-designed, matching coats that will have ‘Certified Service Cat’ embroidered on top. Then when managers, concierges, and/or health officials try to kick me out of whatever facility….I will produce some kind of official looking document that posits their certification as Trained Service Cats for Emotional Support! I will explain patiently that the Service Cats (aka Mickey and Morris) know when I am about to go into a compulsive spending fit, or maybe, if they are dual trained, can anticipate general over-stimulation patterns. This is a very good idea.IMG_0193.JPG