Girls Night Out at the Dig Pub!

DSC04883 Aren’t we somethin’? Babs set us up to go to Ann Wink’s son & daughter’s pub in Cedar Park for our outing. Dang, it was fun….Patsy and Lolly couldn’t come but we had a glass of vin in their honor….actually Patsy’s honor since Lolly doesn’t drink! There was a super band that played fine old tunes from the hippie days…Chicago, The Eagles, etc. Susan, Nina, Ann, and Babs knew all the words and were moved by the spirit…Susan H. has mastered the ‘two-fingered, loud whistle‘ and provided such at the end of each set! She inspired me…and I have subsequently located at least 10 web sites, including videos that guarantee successful attainment. In addition, she used her iPhone Zippo application as an alternative to the glo-stick concert light accoutrement. We had such a good time that we may reconvene the 27th of February with spousal units! Len gets all dewy eyed whenever he hears Desperado so I think he will like the Dig and the awe-inspiring beer and ale selection! I liked the band member who asked if it was too loud for us….God Bless a sensitive man!   DSC04884

What else….Oh, Babs and I went out early in pursuit of the perfect bedspread/comforter replacement for the guest bedroom…I had purchased 4 earlier in the week…Len kindly returned 3 for me (he is so bored)…but I still wasn’t convinced I liked it and it cost $399.00…so we found 3 different sets and imagine this, I like the $79.00 set (8 pcs) best of all. I am indebted to Missy Babs (AKA Elsie de Wolfe, mother of interior design) for her color wisdom. Admittedly, the guest room has a sort of a Bollywood look now…so maybe I should invest in a couple of Shyamal saris.201002041452.jpg  

One Response to “Girls Night Out at the Dig Pub!”

  1. We had an awesome time….just have a problem with my picture…I look like a chubby old lady! Want a do-over! BTW…we were very excellent on vocals with the live band. Hope to do this again real soon with these great friends.

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