Opéra bouffe “the original 3-D entertainment”–and I GOT it!

What a day! I am exhausted, whipped, done-in, fini, and kaput! I want to stay in the house with no make up on, wearing my PJs for a week!

Jackie arrived about 12ish. with only one phone call explaining tardiness then we headed out for a full-fledged outing. We went to Georgetown and had a grand lunch at the Silver Stone across the street from the overrated Monument Cafe. What a surprise….a lobby full of great art! The food was reeeeeallly great and reasonable and a view (if you can call a 4th floor vista that…but this is Central Texas after all). Then to a jewelers where Jackie is having her watch fixed AND also picking out a gorgeous diamond band..while I shopped next door at a antique shop and bought a pew!

We made it just in time to pick up THE MINK at 3:00. Well, the one I thought I wanted just seems too small. I don’t want to have a coat that I can’t wear because of over-sized body…so Al, new, best friend, mink salesman had me try on another that really is more like the one Bess Meyerson wore…it fits but doesn’t have all the detailing on it….Long and sort of the story is that he let me take the one I thought I wanted until he gets the closure rings put on the one I currently think I want….so I wouldn’t have to wear a rain coat to the opera. Like anyone there would know or care! Jackie and I concur, this guy is verrrrrry good at selling fur coats.

Quickly, off to SAKS so Jackie could get sacks (hence the name, I am sure) of beauty aids, as Len likes to call them. Then zipped off to Whole Foods where I did not find the ground achiote necessary for the rice to be served tomorrow at the DentOns.

ANNNNND, finally to the hotel…Stephen F. Austin on 7th and Congress. Very nice room with breakfast included that Jackie negotiated for a good $189.00 rate/2. Good job Jackie….leaves us money to splurge on mink, opera, and cocktails. Just to ‘set the record straight’, we know we are spoiled rotten and we are thankful. Hurriedly changed in to the standard black velvet with Mom’s vintage coronation pin just in time to have Stephanie, one of J’s twins, pick us up at whisk us off to Truluck’s for manhattans, calamari, shrimp, and ceviche. Stephanie is so much fun….so much like Pam, very candid and insightful. I might adopt her too. I like the idea of adopting friends’ children…no risk, no accountability, etc.

201002071010.jpg Then opera. It has been said that Emmanuel Chabrier’s comic operetta is “…not complex. It’s a basic fairy tale, with lots of parody and very charming, very beautiful music.”….Chabrier’s (“Johann Strauss on speed”) 1877, The Star,…”is a sparkling confection — a bon bon for the opera connoisseur in this impressive, inventively-designed production'”. Yup, works for me. We really enjoyed it…

201002071011.jpg 201002071015.jpg

We took a taxi back to the hotel…a couple of nightcaps–then zonked out. I do like Southern Comfort manhattans….and Jackie used to like lemon drop martinis. She says she is giving them up. Hmmmm.

Very yummy Huevos Rancheros for breakfast while watching endless numbers of Boy Scouts parade up Congress celebrating their 100th anniversary. They were like ants….everywhere! Just a wee bit annoying for motorists trying to get to Mopac!


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