Trying to be quiet…I am way too over-stimulated.

Home at last….found the achiote powder at the Fiesta grocery store on IH 35….it is like the Mega in San Miguel. I hate all this zipping around but need to get stuff done for the tea and brunch. I like to be busy but this is waaaaay to much for me. For Lent, I am thinking of either giving up obsessive activity or obsessive spending. I think I will consult Len and buddies before jumping into a decision that has 40 day implications and subsequent guilt if I fail.

Len made the superb achiote recipe. He IS the KING of RICE….he cannot mess it up like I can…and is showing growth…he willingly allowed me to chop the veggies, give advice, then take a nap while he cooked it. He is KING.

DSC04900Dinner and Texas Hold Em’ poker at the DentOns. Loooots of laughs and yummy dinner. Bob had a new set of poker accoutrements which we broke in. He, as owner, host, and former administrator taught us how to play…Bill & Little Suz already knew how….I love that Bob is or was a card game NON-enthusiast….I think knowledge of rules is a very taxing activity. We all won a hand…Bob won more pots and Len won the largest when after folding repeatedly, won the last giant pot with a heart flush…..too many Manhattans for me to know much more about gaming except that I believe I have difficulty with sequencing when it comes to betting and dealing occasionally. Just too many rules.. DSC04902 DSC04904


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