Glooooooooomy Day

Max came this morning to do inside work with me…this drapery dilemma is taxing all of us. Len loves Max for doing projects with me…so much easier for him and no risk of uxoricide (new word just learned: killing one’s wife).

Still more rain….this is so much like Germany and equally as depressing. Len can’t get out to play golf or ride his bike and it is making him totally stir crazy and I am suffering from light deprivation, I think. Plus I am just plain slow witted. I have been trying to explain what I believe are simple concepts to Len all day–it has been maddening and really funny too. He is so darned bored and so willing to run errands for me then when he gets to the errand location texts and calls repeatedly for clarification. No matter how I explained anything he didn’t get it. Come to find out it wasn’t him but rather I was the lousy communicator. Well, part of the time anyway. DSC04911 Finally tonight we really got tickled when the two of us, over-educated and still obviously not too smart, had a heck of a time figuring out how much fabric would be needed to make a round table cloth. What with his Math and Engineering degrees and my Home Economics degree, one would think we could have done this in our heads….but ohhhhhh no. It became so convoluted that we had to resort to math manipulatives! In this case, a paperweight represented the round table and two pieces of toilet tissue represented fabric sold from a bolt. We really did have a good laugh about it all and subsequently, I decided it was easier to buy a table cloth on line than to send him off to a fabric store! How many men would even go do that kind of thing, I wonder?

Played some Mah Jongg today but didn’t win a single game but still had a good time. Tomorrow I am helping to judge 4H projects at the Bell EXPO center and book club tomorrow night at Karin’s house…reviewing The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.


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