Beautiful day — happy activities

At last gorgeous weather….blue skies and sun and yet reeeeeeeeally cold! I should have worn that new coat…I said I was going to wear it with jeans and for everyday wear….maybe I will go to the Redneck Hot Rod Mud Bog and wear it. That will be the real test of wearing comfort! I had the most ernest plans to walk but I just didn’t get home in time and it would have interfered with the glorious nap I enjoyed. There may be nothing better or decadent than napping. I am glad I avoid that wonderful/awful habit because it screws up my circadian clock and I stay up all night then sleep late and on an on.   

DSC04914So this morning I helped judge the 4H Bell County Youth Fair Livestock Show…clothing construction. I loved it. It seems it has been ages since I did something with total confidence…I knew exactly what to do and why I was doing it. Those kids did great work…even those little projects that were short on perfection…I admire anyone who will try something new and stretch. DSC04913 AND while I was there I saw two former KISD colleagues….Betty Gilmore and Jerry Lewis…that was nice too.  

Book club tonight at Karin’s–Len is at Salado High School watching the last of the girl’s basketball for the season. He and Brother DentOn are very loyal fans for all Salado HS athletics.

There is a gorgeous sunset going on now and 5 fat deer in the front yard.


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