Mom says it best….it is either feast or famine!

This week has just zipped by….I think I like to be busy but sometimes I just obsessively say yes and then I am ‘fweaky’ because I have too much on my plate. I had a nice time at Emmy Alvarez’s retirement lunch at Adelea’s Restaurant. It was just the library staff, Board, and Emmy’s husband. I like Emmy so much and it will be a loss to have her gone.

Right before hand, Becky and I picked up Marilyn Hoster so we could all go to Diane Delisi’s Valentine Coffee. Marilyn has Macular Degeneration and yet has not slowed down at all. She bustles around at full speed and never misses a beat. Well, she often mistakes people but she does it with her usual charm and grace. I hope I can be just like her if I am ever so incapacitated. Back to the coffee. It is lovely….I don’t really know many of the women that attend with the exception of Becky, Susan, and Marilyn. There are a few acquaintances but not many that I know well.

Other big news for the week…Dennis Ray and Terry Crain have been here measuring and estimating what it will take to put UV protective screens on the front windows and new wall paper in the guest bath…

I had a HORRID experience on Friday, the 12th with the manager at Koslow’s. It is so awful and I just don’t have the passion to relate the entire sequence of events. Suffice it to say, he loathes me enough that he screamed at me for about 10 minutes. I apologized in vain for my perceived insensitivity. I have learned a hearty life lesson about candor and humor and what I need to do when my inner rudder points me in a direction. Bottom line is that I did not buy a coat. Seems pretty stupid to give some one $5,000, Mom’s $10,000 coat, get a coat that doesn’t fit, and have the manager scream at me.

So happy hour with buddies is always nice. Joann presented me with the wonderful painting I had coveted since seeing it first in Mexico. She copied it but used our faces and a few other modifications. I adore it and have it proudly displayed in my den. I even took it to church Sunday so she could sign it! DSC04922

DSC04932  Sunday afternoon we went to a Music in Salado event…the Texas Boys Choir. They were great!  



One Response to “Mom says it best….it is either feast or famine!”

  1. Carol Ann Says:

    I just love you!!!!! You bring such joy to my mundane life of 1040’s and being as gracious as I can to our clients.

    West Point and Hudson Valley sound delightful; as long as we do not put a monkey wrench in your plans with Billy and David. Let me know what really works for you and what I need to do for accomodations.


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