A quick trip to San Antonio and Learning at the McNay Art Institute

Monday Max and I did housework! He helped me hang curtains and pictures. We LOVE Max!DSC_8541

After getting red ‘lowlights’ from precious Edward, I drove like the wind to SAT, I went straight to Mom’s so I could fix her hair then get us (Mom, Betty, and me) to the Neiman Marcus Cafe where beautiful, smart Belinda treated us to lunch. Betty and Mom just adore her and hang on her every word….I love to see them with her. My claim to fame is that she is my friend! Mom had a hard time hearing anything….I must remember to put her in the middle of the booth. This was the first time Mom asked me to order for her. It sort of shocked me…glad I did though because she liked having an appetizer in terms of size. Usually she can’t eat half of what she orders. It was looooovely.

As soon as I got the ‘girls’ home, I tried on my new slacks and top for their approval…so I guess I can wear it to the tea. There was a time when Mom and Betty would have loved coming up for any big event and especially a tea party. No more. I even think Betty is slowing down. This depresses me a lot.

RIght after Betty went home, I went to the McNay for my Educators Night! Wow, I was so impressed….the sessions were based on the two current exhibits….American Beauty: DSC04989 DSC04990 Pictorialism & Impressionism. I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t dinner first…and wine too…then to our selected two sessions. I went to a session on making acrylic lifts which I learned to do in 1965 at SWTSU….new products but the process is more or less the same.DSC04945 I have to think of what I will do with the transparencies I make…the other class was about the 4th dimension in photography. I really liked both sessions and I met some very interesting people…I sat next to a woman who is a retired psychologist from Alamo Heights who is a mediator now…and she worked for years with former boy friend, Ed Churchin! Imagine that for a small world?

I spent the rest of the time doing errands for Mom…I did see Billy for a while…borrowed lots of cups and saucers from Mom, as well as, more silver trays for the tea!


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