Tom’s Oyster Fest…I hope it is an annual event!

I came home Saturday by way of Austin so I could get a couple of pounds of chocolates infused with vodka for Len and some art supplies for me so I can make some more transparencies…then what I wonder?

Home just in time to whip up some tartar sauce for Tom’s FebRuaRy Oyster Fest. Seems that if you buy oysters in months with two R’s you won’t die of food poisoning. Seems right to me. At any rate, I ate my very first raw oyster last night and about 10 cooked oysters. Susan and Becky were Toms sous chefs…Becky made delicious fried oysters….Ok, so here
is what we had: DSC04957 DSC04967

Tequila-Oyster Shots, Oysters on the Half Shell, Oysters with Garlic and Feta Cheese, Oysters in Champagne Sauce, Oysters Rockefeller, and Fried Oysters…oh, and yummy rice….served with lots of divine Cooks’s Champagne. Nummmmmmy. My Dad and I used to eat smoked oysters and I still just love the smell of them…all that luscious, smoky oil!

DSC04977 DSC04956 DSC04966DSC04975  DSC04984


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