DSC04995This is the goofiest weather…72 F one day and snow the next. Although absolutely gorgeous and novel, it sure has interfered with my tea preparation plans and hair appointments. Fortunately I had enough warning, but still can hardly believe it, I was able to get Len to scratch his plans and take me to Austin…for hair…that is remarkable. Good Yankee that he is with lots of snow driving experience–he is so much more confident behind the wheel than I am. DSC05004 I did notice, however, that he does speak aloud his intentions….maybe like self-talk. Things like, “Always leave 3 car lengths between you and the car ahead of you”, “Never drive behind a trailer truck”, “Never slam on your brakes”, “Always maintain steady pressure on the acceleratorDSC05010 “, etc. It kind of made me nuts. I didn’t want to be nervous and I consider him the pro….I hope he wasn’t trying to teach me how to do it right! Anyway……I think we have had about 4” which is a LOT!   

So thanks to Len’s great snow driving skills we arrived in Austin with sufficient time to get to Whole Foods, Central Market, and the Container Store before getting to Edward for hair miracles! Then home again….most of the snow seemed to be in Georgetown with giant flakes…or so we thought till we came home…very pretty….I took some photos on my way to have a pedicure while Len took 3 of my portrait photographs to the Temple Cultural Activities Center for the Barclay Art Show.

After getting Trashy-Girl-Red toes, I spent a few hours re-working the urns in the dining room. The black painted branches look rather striking against the terra-cotta wall. WHY am I doing this? I AM out of control….I want the tea to be over. I have the same pit in my stomach I would get before January 30th. I told Len this and he just looked blankly at me….then I realized he was thinking of our anniversary, January 30th, and I was thinking of our giant, uber, mega, district-wide professional development for all 5,000+ employees. Different perspectives! Back to the tea: I think we have about 60 anticipated now so maybe it will really mean about 50.

DSC04998 DSC05027

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